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I don't know. Maybe they are good. I don't know. Naaaaaaaaa, I'm just joking... I have never had a better set of bearings!! Considering the price, Bones REDS are the best bearings in the world of skating!! Go REDS!!!

— Carlos “The Burritou” Haneski, The Flip Flap Skaters

You people did a great job by making those bearings. My Swiss Ceramics are awesome. They go fast, are easy to clean and are the best bearings I've ever seen and used. Keep up the good work.

— Mikeas

Bearings are amazing.

— bailey domangue

I used to skate with a friend's board that didn't have Bones on them. So when I learned he was getting another, I told him to go with REDS. He had his doubts, until he tried it out. He gave me his board and I put REDS on it too. So now I have a board that skates like new and the best bearings ever.

— Will

Dear Bones, I recently found my dad's first skateboard which he gave to me. He's an old guy now (about 50) not really that old, LOL, when I took a look at what his set up is I found that he has Bones Bearings and a sticker on the board. I took the board for a a ride it works like new! My friend and I went for a spin and I had no problem keeping up against my landyacht. A true test of durability is that your bearings are still fast after at least 20 years. I plan to keep this board as a vintage treasure with no new parts and ride it as much as i can. Keep up the unreal craftsmanship!

— ethan

First, I started out with Darkstar bearings. They popped out. Then I switched them for Speed Demon bearings. They were too slow. And THEN I bought some REDS, because I decided that I didn't want to sk8 around with shitty bearings. So far,these bearings are really popular in my school, and they sure are really good! Good Quality,Good speed, and they come with a free sticker ;).

— Junelle

I wanted to tell you people at Bones that you guy have the best bearings and product. I will always buy you're guy's bearings. THANK YOU!

— Richard Pasillas

So I have been skating for a while, and never once have I changed my bearings. Every time I got a new deck I simply threw my bearings on there. After hearing about Bones I thought maybe I should get a new set of bearings, but I should wait till my other ones stop working well. I have a feeling I won't be getting new ones anytime soon because Ive been riding REDS the whole time. :D and they still work great!

— Roy Roque

Bones bearings are amazing and they get even better as you ride them! I have been skateboarding for almost a year now and have been riding bones reds for 4 months...Only 1 thing to say...AWESOME

— Shree

Bones Swiss Ceramics are almost the best that my eyes have seen so far. My biggest dream in life is to have Bones Swiss Ceramics. Thank you for making the best bearing in the universe!

— juninho

When it comes to skating, Guapo chooses none other then Bones Bearings. Fast, efficient, and downright sexy, we ride nothing else. Bone REDS or nothing. Thanks for making the best bearings in the sport that we've ever ridden. -Stay Guapo!

— Jack “Sarge” Crowe, GuapoBoarding

Bought one set for just a board of mine now all my boards have them! Thanks for making great bearings!

— Travis

I’ve been skating with Bones since 88, and even today I still use them there a lot better than most products on the market.

— Eric “the EQguy”

Dope ass bearings! REDS... my love.

— Michael

I've had my Swiss set since around '87, I have neglected to ever clean them properly and they have stood the test of time. I have only now just replaced them 24 years later. Awesome!

— Aaron “Animal”

All other bearings are bad news bears compared to these! These are good news gorillas!!!!!

— matt

I have bought other bearings that cost more but my Bone REDS have blown everyone of them out of the water. There is nothing that can compare to Bones bearings. They are the best in the Sk8 world, keep making those awesome bearings!!! Bones Super REDS are next on my list.

— Sean “DarkStarSk8” Kilgore

i have skated a lot of bearings since I started skating. They were all ok but then I customized a new bored. I put Bones REDS in it. let me tell you I will never skate another brand again. Bones all the way.

— shane “whitty” whitman, street skater

Crazy fast bearings.

— Sepehr

Bones Bearings are the only bearings every skater should ride today because they are the fastest on the planet!

— Josh “dagoon” uno

Items 181-200 of 977

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