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I've been skating since 1988, and I have only used your products. I've changed board types many times, but I've stuck with your bearings. My dad got my first set up at a pawn shop and it came with a box of your bearings.

— Jason Snyder

Ive been introduced to Bones REDS faster and better. Fade to black. American red cross, mormon, missionries baptist and catholic. China Bones USMC/NAVY.

— javier “jordan” munoz, red cross

Bones Swiss Ceramics are phenomenally. I need all the speed and accuracy I can get. Thank you Bones!

— Erin “Elle's Bells” O'Connell, Central Vermont Roller Derby

Super Swiss 6 are super sweet. I did not know if what I read about them were true or overrated. They are in fact very amazing. They are almost too fast to the point where they are DANGEROUS so only get them if you want danger.

— mike “kentuckyskater”, studenta

I've been getting back into skateboarding from a long break. Recently purchased an complete deck and I love the board but the bearings were still really "stiff" after a long break in period so I went to my local shop and picked up some Bones Super Reds. WOW! Never has my board been so smooth and fast. It is effortless to gain and maintain speed and it feels as if you are gliding on a cloud. I'm never using another brand again. Bones skater for life!

— James “Jamie” Beasley

Bones ride crazy fast with twice the distance per push even better with Speed Cream.

— Alex

I've been riding these things pretty much all 7 years skateboarding, never going to use anyone other than REDS.

— Gavin “dood” Dowse

I have never ridden so smoothly in my life. My skateboard rolls for so long I don't tire. Bones reds are a must buy.

— Dan

Have been riding Bones Bearings my whole longboarding life and out of all the bearings I've tried in the past Bones Bearings are the best specifically Bones Super Swiss ceramics for their quietness smooth ride and durability

— Brian “b-mister” edmiston

I got Bones REDS today, and so far they are the best bearings I've ever had. I figure that I'd had enough with ABEC rated bearings when they don't even match up. And REDS are so affordable but you still get more than enough quality. I will never ride an ABEC rated bearing as long as Bones is around. I ride Skate Rated.

— Diego “dieho”

Wow. I had a pair of Bones REDS for a while without the shields. They just kept getting quicker and quicker. I decided its kinda dangerous if the bearings get too dirty so I just got new Bones REDS. My friend is currently using my old ones and he is actually faster than me!!

— Rannason

I have this Super REDS Bones bearings for 6 months, they are amazing, very smooth, quiet and fast.
Bones Bearings are SUPER!!!

— Vinícius “TK” Ynoue

About 3 months ago I purchased a set of Bones Swiss for my Sector 9 and have been having a blast non-stop. Within the week I am purchasing the Bones Swiss Ceramics and don't know what to expect. I'm in my study hall class right now itching in my chair waiting to get a call to say they have arrived in the mail. Thank you Bones Bearings, I really appreciate everything you guys work for.

— Marshall Sallee

Look I bought the Bones Swiss bearing probably about a week ago. I told my friend that I got them and he said, "holy s*&#, dude! that's what the pros use." After I took that out on my longboard to break them in, I thought to myself "Wow, I think is that fast most quiet ride I have had had. I suggest these bearings to intermediate skaters or if you just want to go really fast.
Nice job guys, keep up the good work!!!

— Miles “Speed” Moussa

My 7 year old son received Bones bearings for Christmas from his Uncle and he says they make his wheels "go faster and smoother." My husband & I have been finishing up on his Christmas present, a 26x10x4 half pipe, but have been delayed because of all the rain happening here in California.

— christie “ ” hansmeier

So I just got some Bones Swiss Ceramics and before I had that I had shake junts and I didn't like them much so I got bones. They are great I love them and they are super fast and lasts longer than shake junts so keep the Bones Bearing going and they are AWESOME!!

— Andrew “Clone”

Hey, this is Zo from St. Louis Just got my Bones Bearings in the mail. Can't wait to see what all the talk is about.


I started skating in 86 or so... I've been skating Bones Bearings for 7 or 8 years now (Swiss & 6 balls), and they're the best, no doubt. Today, I bought my first set of Ceramics! I'm really hyped and it's really an honor for me to ride them... I just love the sticker too. Thank you for delivering the quality and precision material our activity requires.

— ilir

Your bearings are GREAT! I use the BONES® REDS™ bearing and they are fast! MORE POWER!

— tj “tdjo” aquino, banned from the park skate crew

I've had a pair of Bones Swiss that I used for around a year, then they sat in a pair of wheels for another 2 years in a drawer. Took them out today and cleaned them for the first time, still going strong, smooth, and fast! Thanks to all of you at Bones Bearings for creating, maintaining, and caring for the rest of us. Keep it up!

— raphael “foli”

Items 221-240 of 977

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