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Bought the Bones Swiss Ceramics bearings. Best decision I've ever made.

— Jon

I, Tyler Young of Gallipolis, Ohio have been skateboarding for about six months now. Over these past few months I have been through various brands of bearing and nothing compares to Bones Bearings. Thank You.

— Tyler “eARTH cHILD” Young

I am a loyal Bones Bearings customer... have been riding Bones Swiss steady for the past 12 years out of the 18 I have been skateboarding. Well, up until my board got stolen last month and I had to piece together a temporary set up and take what I could get for free. I was riding on some Super Swiss 6's and without a doubt they were the best bearing I have ever rolled on... they just rolled forever and so smooth. I am trying to get back on some of them... but 3 weeks ago I wasn't feeling so hot and went to the hospital where they told me they were admitting me and I was to have open heart surgery... needless to say I was a little more than shocked. The surgery was a success and they put a pig valve in me to replace my destroyed aorta valve. I am still very much so in the healing process... the scab still isn't completely healed from where they cut me open and my sternum where they cracked my ribs to expose my heart wont be completely healed for another 4 weeks to 2 months. Anyway... with all of this going on... I lost my job... and have a ton of medical bills and I can't afford much of anything. I guess I'm kinda asking if you guys could hook me up... because when I can I will be back on my board just as fast as I get the word. Honestly.... Bones are the only bearing I like to skate. Super swiss 6 are my favs. but really I'm not too picky. Well, thanks for looking at my spiel and taking it into consideration. No matter what... I will eventually have some Super Swiss 6's again and Bones are the greatest skate bearing ever. Thanks.

— Austin Warner, Skateboarding

I have skated Bones Bearings since I started sk8ng again and they not only last for a good 6 to 7 months of non stop shredding but I know that there is only one way to break them. (only if your an idiot and don't put lube or cream in them) and they have been responsible for landing a 360 front Boneless off of a 7 stair to bank drop so they deserve their hype.

— Ty “Dough Boy”, O.A.D.

Hey man I love Bones. You guys are so fast and always get the job done. I've has my bearings for a year and haven't changed em!

— Justin Hernandez

I purchase Bones Reds Bearings and with the slightest of ease, smoke my friends. But not only are they fast, I have had these bearings for a good deal of time through thick and thin, and I skate pretty hard, and they are still in one piece. I have never had to replace my bearings, EVER.

— Joshua “Josh” Howell

I love Bones Bearings!! Dont ever stop making these beastly bearings. Whenever I get a complete I look forward to buying your product!! People complain about breakin them in? Fv(k you!!! Bones For LIFE baby!!!

— Keagan

At first, I did not want to believe the hype on Bones REDS. Yet, when I got a pack for my freeboard, I was amazed on how smooth the ride was and how much control I had going down hills, I felt like I was the first to ride on a freshly groomed snowboard run. I could not stop smiling

— Joseph G

Today I bought Bones Swiss Ceramics bearings. I read the small manual that came with them and it said that they need an hour of riding to break them in good after about 1 1/2 hours. I had my dad ride next to me while i went down a hill (on the road) and was said that I was traveling between 35-40 mph on my loaded board. I must say Bones people that make the bearings, WELL DONE :) because after I wrecked and had to get 8 stitches in my arm I could only admit that it was the FASTEST smoothest most quiet ride I have ever had the painful pleasure to experience. Thank you.

— braxton “tyro-brax” brosch, Chick Fil A

I've been been skating for about the past 14 years of my life so I've tried many many bearings. around when i turned 15 i stopped buying skate hardgoods that looked crazy or sounded so high tech and stuck to stuff that people have been repping for years. Bones is THE product as far as bearings are concerned. My last 3 sets of bearings have been bones, currently on a set of REDS right now and i couldn't ask for a better bearing. noone ever believes it but if you pop the shields off there even better. Looking forward to buying a pair of ceramics in the near future.

— Joe Korzo

Just got my first set of Bones REDS and WOW!!! My skateboard felt brand new again!!! Was flying around the skatepark loving it!! THANKS and Aloha

— Joshua “jga180” Aman

Bones Bearings are the best bearings in the universe. I've been skating at school and everyone wants to ride my skate board because they are so smooth.

— Aaron

I bought a longboard like about 2 weeks ago, got some 70mm wheel and abec 7 bearings.. they were okay.. then I moved to some abec 9 bearings.. and I was blown away on how smooth the cruising for downhill was.. but when i put on the Bones REDS.... I was... I don't know how to explain it... It feels like im gliding on air forever x] Im going to get Bones Swiss in a month. I'm sure I'll be pleased.

— Wajih “Cake” Haq, LONGboard FOrever!

These are the bomb. I really enjoy them. They are the best.

— james “skeeter” ree, POHO

Holy shit. I got Bones Swiss 3 years ago. They are still the fastest bearings than my friends. Best idea ever to by them. THEY LAST FOR EVER!!

— Jack

I bought the Bones Super Reds and they are AMAZING!!! before i got my Bones i had quickees bearings or something like that and they broke and seized within a month. I have had these Super Reds for 2 weeks and my wheels spin for about a minute fifteen seconds or so and they are fast. i plan to upgrade to Bones Swiss in a couple months. I would recomend Bones to any skateboarder out there.

— Caleb “Monster Man”

My uncle went to the USA this year, he bought for me a kit of swiss ceramics, THE GREAAAAATEST BEARINGS EVER!

— Joey

Bones Swiss Ceramics, never stop spinning. I won them on this site in October of 09. 1 year and they still spin faster than any other bearing.

— Phil Ling

i want to get some swiss original so bad! i hear they are so fast, it's not even funny!! rock on!! {Perfect board, Reliance 7.75, theeve trucks tiax 7.75, bones stf, bones swiss, and mob griptape!}

— Daniel “Dan” Millard, ??????

What's up Bones Swiss.

— theo “white chocolate” pasquier, skateboarding

Items 241-260 of 960

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