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I just started longboarding a few months ago, and my friends told me to buy the best, Bones Swiss. I go everyday and I've never looked back. They outperform all of my buddies' bearings. They're faster, quieter, and go longer without needing cleanings. I'll never buy any other bearings again.

— Clayne “CZ3” Zollinger, III

My Bones Reds where that good, fast and durable that I decided to get Bones Swiss. Bones Swiss where excellent. the fastest, strongest and by far the best bearings I've ever tried. My Bones Swiss where that good that I decided to order a set of Bones Super Swiss 6 from my local skateboard shop. they haven't came in yet but I'm almost certain that they'll be even better.
I'll definitely be riding Bones for the rest of my skateboarding life. I recommend Bones for any skater. Reds for beginners, Ceramics for the bowl and park skater and Swiss for the advance street skater.
Thank you Bones!

— Alexx “13” Holmes

I love Bones Bearings, I just wanted to say that first off. I started skating a year and a half ago, however, my whole family skated in their life times and I have never had a set of Bones Bearings. EVER. I'm riding shop bearings right now, but i feel like I'm missing out. Bones Bearings FOREVER.

— Thomas “Thompson Machinegun” Anderson, Vegas

Hi, I am from Brazil, and I really like Bones Bearings, and I know they are the best, but I am using a 10mm truck for downhill so I am forced to use other bearings... Why you don't produce a 10mm bearings?


I like Bones bearings sooooo much, that I painted a portrait of Caswell Berry....because he likes Bones bearings.

— Matt “Frenchinator” French, amway

These are by far the best skate bearings i have ever owned! I previously owned Abec 7 Black Panthers as well as Destructo Sendai and countless other types of bearings and all that I can say is that my Bones Super Reds stomp the competition. For only $25 these are the best bearings you can get and will outperform everything else except Bones Swiss bearings! GET THESE BEARINGS, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

— Torry “Sk8andDestroy75” Hartzler

Oh, Bones REDS are GREAT, they spin fast as hell, are durable and easy to clean, but I want a kit of Bones Swiss Ceramics, my friend got it and said it's great.

— daniel

Just bought a pair of Bones Swiss Bearings and I could not believe the difference in the bearings. I go skating every weekend and I won't ever skate with nothing else. If you don't own a pair of Bones Bearings......Go out and buy you a pair NOW!!!!. Or just order them straight from "Bones Bearings".com. Thanks so much you guys!!!

— Angela “Angie” Miller

I own a set of Bones REDS, and damn they are fast. They are durable and so worth the price. However I plan on buying a set of Swiss Ceramics, and what I am wondering is what is the highest top speed recorded with a set of Swiss Ceramics.

— Brett “Dante Kuro” Avey, Espada

Bones Bearings are the BEST i love them i cant go without them i've only used these bearings and i tried some Luckies but the Bones are WAY better! they last forever and go way fast!!

— Matt “Montoya” Montoya

Bones are the BEST :D, I have used them for all my Bearing's and they Have NEVER let me down...

Keep up the good Work.

— Matt Grogan

These bearings are freakin good but are hard to maintain. But yet they go soo fast, I had some 18 teen dollar ones they were good but not as good as the Super REDS

— travis “trav”

Hello! I am from Brazil and I am using Bones REDS. Gosh, it's so fast, and have so many durability. I bought bearing cleaner and speed cream too. Easy to clean. I'm so satisfied to have Bones REDS. I recommend. Almost 3 years of skateboard.

— Renato Brito

Hello Bones Bearings. How about you go and design a perfect 10MM Bearing for our ever increasing users of 10MM Axles? Would most definately buy them because your 8MM bearings are very good indeed.
best wishes, Sincerely,

— Luuk Brink

Ive had the same pair for 4 years and they're still rolling great, I skate every day and they're still going strong

— Chad “Chad”, Shreders of Ashe County NC

Man these bearings are the best out there I've had mine for two years and they are still fast and silent if I were u I would get them.

— sam

The Super Reds are really tight. They're well worth the extra 10 bucks from the normal reds.

— Austin

My friends mini-logo bearings rusted after a week. My bones red bearings however, are still going strong! BUY BONES BEARINGS!!!

— Evan “SK8BONES”

My first pair of Bones Swiss bearing happened by chance. One day I was skating up and down my driveway and a man pulls up and says "Here take this" and threw the board out on the lawn.It was a Chet Childress Blacklabel Board with Independent Trucks and red Ricta Wheels.But What I didnt know was that I had eight of the best bearings in the world...RED BONES SWISS BEARINGS, and I use them till this day.

— Zack “Corncake” Reyes

I am a new skater and was recomended your product. My teacher says your product is the best ever, she has been using for 30 yrs while teaching skating. I happen to agree and if you ever have a sell please let me know. Your friend,

— Walter Baker

Items 281-300 of 972

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