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Hi, I am from Brazil, and I really like Bones Bearings, and I know they are the best, but I am using a 10mm truck for downhill so I am forced to use other bearings... Why you don't produce a 10mm bearings?


I like Bones bearings sooooo much, that I painted a portrait of Caswell Berry....because he likes Bones bearings.

— Matt “Frenchinator” French, amway

These are by far the best skate bearings i have ever owned! I previously owned Abec 7 Black Panthers as well as Destructo Sendai and countless other types of bearings and all that I can say is that my Bones Super Reds stomp the competition. For only $25 these are the best bearings you can get and will outperform everything else except Bones Swiss bearings! GET THESE BEARINGS, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

— Torry “Sk8andDestroy75” Hartzler

Oh, Bones REDS are GREAT, they spin fast as hell, are durable and easy to clean, but I want a kit of Bones Swiss Ceramics, my friend got it and said it's great.

— daniel

Just bought a pair of Bones Swiss Bearings and I could not believe the difference in the bearings. I go skating every weekend and I won't ever skate with nothing else. If you don't own a pair of Bones Bearings......Go out and buy you a pair NOW!!!!. Or just order them straight from "Bones Bearings".com. Thanks so much you guys!!!

— Angela “Angie” Miller

I own a set of Bones REDS, and damn they are fast. They are durable and so worth the price. However I plan on buying a set of Swiss Ceramics, and what I am wondering is what is the highest top speed recorded with a set of Swiss Ceramics.

— Brett “Dante Kuro” Avey, Espada

Bones Bearings are the BEST i love them i cant go without them i've only used these bearings and i tried some Luckies but the Bones are WAY better! they last forever and go way fast!!

— Matt “Montoya” Montoya

Bones are the BEST :D, I have used them for all my Bearing's and they Have NEVER let me down...

Keep up the good Work.

— Matt Grogan

These bearings are freakin good but are hard to maintain. But yet they go soo fast, I had some 18 teen dollar ones they were good but not as good as the Super REDS

— travis “trav”

Hello! I am from Brazil and I am using Bones REDS. Gosh, it's so fast, and have so many durability. I bought bearing cleaner and speed cream too. Easy to clean. I'm so satisfied to have Bones REDS. I recommend. Almost 3 years of skateboard.

— Renato Brito

Hello Bones Bearings. How about you go and design a perfect 10MM Bearing for our ever increasing users of 10MM Axles? Would most definately buy them because your 8MM bearings are very good indeed.
best wishes, Sincerely,

— Luuk Brink

Ive had the same pair for 4 years and they're still rolling great, I skate every day and they're still going strong

— Chad “Chad”, Shreders of Ashe County NC

Man these bearings are the best out there I've had mine for two years and they are still fast and silent if I were u I would get them.

— sam

The Super Reds are really tight. They're well worth the extra 10 bucks from the normal reds.

— Austin

My friends mini-logo bearings rusted after a week. My bones red bearings however, are still going strong! BUY BONES BEARINGS!!!

— Evan “SK8BONES”

My first pair of Bones Swiss bearing happened by chance. One day I was skating up and down my driveway and a man pulls up and says "Here take this" and threw the board out on the lawn.It was a Chet Childress Blacklabel Board with Independent Trucks and red Ricta Wheels.But What I didnt know was that I had eight of the best bearings in the world...RED BONES SWISS BEARINGS, and I use them till this day.

— Zack “Corncake” Reyes

I am a new skater and was recomended your product. My teacher says your product is the best ever, she has been using for 30 yrs while teaching skating. I happen to agree and if you ever have a sell please let me know. Your friend,

— Walter Baker

I got Bones Swiss today and they are beastly/godly. I would never stop using Swiss or Bones period top brand period.

— dylsn

Been riding Bones Swiss for many years now. Had my current bearings for over 2 years. I clean them when I get new wheels (ride 48mm ;-) and they always come back to life! I tried Diamond Brand Titanium Bearings and was very disappointed so I cleaned up the Swiss and would rather use 2 less-than-perfect Swiss in one wheel than swap out to the Diamonds. Haha! I ride flat and never have to push :-D Bones Swiss 4 Life!

— Kermi

I bought a set of the Super Swiss Six with my long board over four years ago! and i have used other bearings since then in my board which did not last. they lasted maybe two months before they were done. I would clean those bearings every week trying desperately to have them perform the same as the Super Six's and needless to say I failed miserably! I will NEVER use another brand of bearing again. Bones are the best bearings on the market.

— Nick Klinkers

Items 281-300 of 969

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