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They're ah, real nice...

— spencer “skinballz” kimball, chisago lakes dude

I LOVE Bones. I just got my first pair and now I'm skating better than ever.

— caleb “skater caleb” jamieson, cjs skatepark and school

Quality and nothing less.

— Dat

My wife gave me a complete new skateboard for my birthday, she choose Bones Reds 608RS and I was amazed how FAST, Efficient and great they are, I though they were the finest and last edition of the BEST Bones bearings, now on the web I see that they are the first listed and cheapest Bones bearing, and trust me I was not sad about that, I was amazed and full of excitement in getting a box of Bones Swiss Ceramics to feel how it feels to fly on a skateboard!!!
trust me I will save any dollar on my pocket to get them! Love Bones bearings and trust me you guys will make my skateboards roll every day of my life.

— kenneth “kao” alfaro, Costa Rica

They ride smooth and they are way better then my old abecs.

— patrick

I got Bones Swiss Ceramics and they are beastly. I don't even have to push... it's effortless! Highly recommended!

— Max “The Boss” Gower, My Own

Dude you guys are the best and I would never switch to any other bearing.

— shawn “cinnamon bunz” gleason, skater

You guys make the best bearings ever. You guys should be the only bearing company, but it would be a monopoly and that's illegal.

— Justin “Chicken hawk”

The only good bearings.

— Phil

I've got the Swiss Laborynths, big ups for the extra shield, great birthday present also. GET EM, BONES

— Brad “B-rad” Christie

Yo mane. Deez burrings rite hurr are da bess damn burrings I evar sk8e ya dig? Hella fass, hella smoof and hella good pricez.

— mitch “mitcherson”, Grape soda Monthly

Woow !!!! I love Bones REDS!!!! Thanks. I love speed rated and I hate Abec!!!! Hoho see ya!!!! and thanks for the best product in the world!!!!
Go skate!!!! I'm from Mexico.

— luis “arochisk8” arochi

Bones Bearings are the only bearings I'll ever trust to give me the skating speed and performance I need. Bones 4 life!

— Adam Martin

At the skatepark I work for you guys are like top sellers! We love you bearings! I ride the Bones REDS! They are great! You guys are a good company and I wanted to say thanks for making those bearings!

— Dakota “DC” Chandler, Evolution Skatepark

I rely on Swiss bearinigs for that steady speed when Im clearing huge gaps or long drops when Im on my kick scooter. Yes, I said kick scooter. I have had my Swiss Bearings for 2 years following cleaning instructions. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

— Zig Short, Inward Scooters

Bones REDS are the best. They didn't take that long to break in and when I spin my wheels one time they run for a minute and 26 seconds.

— isidro “mortiki” ruelas

I've had these bearings for a year now and i skate like 7 days a week and they still ride like they are brand new.

— noah “teddy burr” scrimp

I have had the same set of Bones REDS for about a year now and I'm just now starting to see them wear down and I ride them 7 days a week and I probably bomb hills 3 days out of those 7.
All I can say is Bones Bearings are awesome. They last long and if I got the Swiss or Ceramic bearings, I know they would last me longer.

— andrew, longboard army

Switched out for Bones Swiss on my pinner, now I have to learn how to brake.

— david “narg” goode

I love my Bones REDS. I have had them for about four years now and they are still rollin. They are the best you can get over anything.

— richard roberts

Items 321-340 of 977

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