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I've had these bearings for a year now and i skate like 7 days a week and they still ride like they are brand new.

— noah “teddy burr” scrimp

I have had the same set of Bones REDS for about a year now and I'm just now starting to see them wear down and I ride them 7 days a week and I probably bomb hills 3 days out of those 7.
All I can say is Bones Bearings are awesome. They last long and if I got the Swiss or Ceramic bearings, I know they would last me longer.

— andrew, longboard army

Switched out for Bones Swiss on my pinner, now I have to learn how to brake.

— david “narg” goode

I love my Bones REDS. I have had them for about four years now and they are still rollin. They are the best you can get over anything.

— richard roberts

Bones makes some great stuff. I recently received some of their cleaning products for my bearings and they work great! They run like they're brand new. I'm very glad I chose Bones Bearings over the competitors.

— Connor “murph” Murphy

My friend recommended the Bones REDS but I never thought they will be better than my old ABEC7's !!!

— Przemek “Shemz” Gardian

I currently use the 6 ball bones, and have been using bones bearings for 10 to 15 years now. I think they are the best bearing available, obviously really like them. Why don't you (or are you going to), make them with ceramic bearings like the standard 7 ball? THANKS

— Sandy “Emerling”, Michigan Speed Skating

I got Bones Bearings ever since I started skating. I started out with REDS and loved them then tried a different competitor brand and they weren't the same quality so I switched back. Then I got Swiss and my god if it ain't Swiss, it ain't worth shiz because Bones Swiss are the best ever. Hopefully I'll ride them for the rest of my life. Swiss or die.

— Tyler “t-guns”

I Jordan Boggs of Riverside California, challenge any mortal man to a race, on street skateboards through the concrete jungle of Southern Ca; Thank to BONES bearings I hall unbelievable butt.

— jordan “chron” boggs, asc

So I have had the same pair of Bones REDS for about six months! I skate 6 days a week and they are just starting to slow down. My friend has had probably 6 other pairs of non-Bones Bearings in the time I have had only one pair, and they have always been faster than his. I highly recommend Bones bearing.

— Jimmy “J-Hound” Hadley

I love Bones REDS, cause they are affordable, reliable and awesome!

— karim “gully” kamil

I decided to buy some new bearings for my crew and I got them all Bones Swiss. EVERYONE felt the difference.

— Jesse “Showdownking” Jaramillo, Golden Skaters

I got the Super Swiss 6 and they're fast as hell! I've been getting a lot of speed down ramps and downhills! Bones Bearings is and will always be the best bearings out there!

— Kevin Alano

My friend's car had caught fire with my skateboard in it. The fire was put out, but I was unsure if my skateboard would still be rideable. The heat from the fire was enough to melt the interior plastic. Needless to say, my Bones REDS bearing still roll, with a little grease of course. Ill never switch brands, Bones Bearings are top notch.

— Michael “Mike” Robertson

Crud, Super Swiss 6 Bearings are the best ones out there. Theres nothing more like it, the feel of going down a hill hitting 40 MPH, with the SS Bearings propelling you. :)

— Jeremy “Drifter” Doan

So I buy a set of Bones Super Swiss 6's and they changed the way I skate. My skate got jacked on a trip I took i rebuilt and the shop owner sells me a set of oust bearings saying he refuses to sell Bones and I've never been so let down by a set of bearings, so I bought a set of REDS to tide me over till I got a set of silicon ceramics...which just arrived. i figured I'd write this before I get on my stick and go for a push. Thank you to the Bones Brigade for making my skate just that much more amazing.

— randy

The only time I've ever not skated REDS was when a friend gave me some Oust bearings. They were slow and broke after two weeks. Now I know only to skate the best, Bones Bearings.

— Austin

My friend had gotten these for Christmas and thought they had broke so he gave them to me, that was two years ago, they haven't been cleaned in a year, had the sheilds off for a month, it's winter now, and they are still rolling smooth since day 1. I think Bones Bearings knows what they're doing. Go buy some right now!!!

— cody “waffle” hayes

I just built the ultimate skateboards sort of. I have Tensors Rictas PlanB prolite Mob and Bones Swiss 6 and they're so fast my friend tried to push off and twisted his ankle.

— nathaniel “zane”

I don't skateboard but I speed skate and being exposed to long periods of spinning causing lotsss of friction they still hold up. just put some super swiss 6's upgraded form the standard reds and for 18$ a pack a year later they started to grind because i stopped taking care of them and they still moveeeee. A good cleaning and lube and they would prob be like new again.

— Derrick Hoffman

Items 341-360 of 981

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