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Straight up the fastest/strongest bearings I've ever ridden - and I've had them all. I'll never go back. BONES SWISS everytime.

— kurt “industry”

The best bearings in the world... Bones Bearings. These bearings are so much faster.

— steven

I've had a set of REDS and they spin fast and work great.

— jeffery wolfe

I always use REDS bearings. I've been skateboarding for 4 years and I'm 15 now and I really want to support Bones Bearings since they are so awesome! Also I love the speed they give you there amazing!!!!!! I go full speed and my friends always ask how much do they cost even though it's really cheap!

— idan dayam

Just bought a set of Bones REDS and I love them they are cheap, ride smooth and go fast what more could you what from a set of bearings!!

— Tim

Bones are the best bearings I've had! I've tried Spitfires they lasted about a month but I've had the same Bones REDS for about three months now without cleaning them and there still rollin fine!

— thrasher

I tried Bones Swiss 6 and compared to INDY because they claimed to be faster and guess what. Bones was faster. INDY didn't even roll longer than 10 after a month.


I have had my Bones Swiss bearings for 4 years now, and they are still fast and strong as all holy hell!! These things are the best, no doubt.

— Nick Ronzani

I got some REDS on my Zoo york for Christmas. I went from on end of the block to another .I have tried Spit Fires and Lucky 7's, REDS are are my favorite now.

— Cameron “Nope1” WAashington, War Agasint Time Skate Crew

I ride Bones REDS and there freakin awesome.

— Marques “Markman” Floyd

I've never skated without Bones Bearings, long board or skateboard. Ive had my Swiss 608s for over 2 years now and Ive had no problems. Best bearings period.

— Kevin Suddarth

I got me a set of Bones Super REDS for a board I am building. I have been busy so the board is still not made but those bearing are in a set of 3DM wheels on Bennett trucks. The other day I spun them to see how long they would spin and they just kept going and going. 8 minutes later they finaly stoped rolling. $20 bearings, out of the box and right into those wheels. This was no trick dry bearing test. These were brand new and untouched, I only spun them a few times with my hand. They spun for over 8 minutes with NO sound at all. I can send you a video from my iPhone. I got some Abec 9 bearings free with some cheap eBay longboard wheels and the longer these will spin is 10 seconds. I am staring a small custom skateboard company and every one of my boards with be sent out with Bones Bearings, Bennett trucks and wheels of your choice (no exceptions!!) thank you Bones!

— Juan “Juan Rasner” Rasner

REDS are the fastest bearings I have ever ridden. I recommend them to anyone with thrashed bearings and they are ridiculously easy to clean!!!!

— Joe “Mongo” Duff

I have been riding Bones REDS for about 2 years now and they are great. I want to try a set of the classic Swiss bearings.

— Andre Davis

Hey I just bought some Bones REDS today.. and they are amazing! way better than the other abec 7's that I had.

— Ryan “Smitty” Smith

I love your bearings, they'e the fastest and most durable bearing I've ever skated... thanx maker of Bones Bearings.

— Veronica “Ronnie” Pollard, The Skate Depot

I got Bones Swiss bearings yesterday and they are already better then my Mini Logos that I had 4 five months, I love them.

— timothy “theodore” cox

Me n my team have all been skating the Bones Super Swiss 6 they rock so hard!!!!! I was skeptical at first but for less than 100 dollars they rock!

— Christian “Miller”, SLV skate team

I use these bearings all the time and they rock my board.

— Alex “Slaughterhouse”, HSC

I love REDS.

— brian “moose” johnson

Items 361-380 of 981

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