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I used to ride regular bearings until I got a new complete. What used to be cruisin' is now flyin'. Nothing compares.

— Justin “Shookie ”

I got my first set of Bones Swiss with my first board in 6th grade. I rode those bearings for years, and only just replaced them a few months ago with the labyrinths. Those bearings lasted almost 7 years! I cleaned them once per year and they just kept getting better and better, until the very end.. :(

— Max Brodie

After I bought my first longboard, I have changed the bearings to Bones REDS™. The difference was unbelievable... and then when I bought a set of new Bones Ceramic Super REDS™, I decided that I will never ride with another bearings! Thanks Bones® Bearings!

— Gabor Molnar

I would ride just the bearings that my complete set would give me. But when I got a different board from a different store I was able to buy these awesome REDS.

— Collin “Checkers”

Out of all the bearing brands I've ever used, BONES BEARINGS was ALWAYS the best. Last long and not expensive. REDS Are awesome!!

— Jim

Dude, if you need bearings that last long and are hella fast get some Bones REDS or Swiss REDS. I've had mine for a few months or so, and they're still in great shape.

— Matthew

I saved up and bought some Bones Swiss when I was a kid, best bearings I ever had, now that I'm older I'm gonna have to spring for the Bones Swiss Ceramics to try and change all that!

— Jason Carter

Me and every skater I know said their riding Bones Swiss for life!

— Darragh Forrester

I love Bones more than any other. I encourage people to ride wtih them asap.

— edward alvarez alvarez

Nothing else compares. Bones Swiss showed me how to fly.

— Dutton

Bones are the greatest bearings out and there the only bearings i trust..but they seem to not last that long... I've went through almost 350 dollars buying them...what should I do buy the speed cream or just keep em greased...

— Frank “Franky Diesel” Williams

Bones Bearings are awesome!!! They have lasted 7 times as long as my old FKD's. Keep up the good work!!

— Chris

Hey whats up Swiss Bones. First off I would just like to say that your bearing's are the best set I have ever bought in my entire skating career. never have I had bearings that broke in as well as your'S and stay smooth. They go forever haha. So thank you for the great product!

— Joe Barnes, In college

Damn-straight, best bearings on Earth, you know what I'm saying. Ask anybody out there, it's Bones or nothing.

— Brendan Giesbrecht

I Just refitted my "treat it mean ride it keen deck" with Bones REDS, and wow, smooth as silk a pleasure to ride. Better even than other swiss made bearings out there.

— Simon “Saemon” Bellord

Dear Bones crew, I Absolutely love your bearings! I have ridden a set of reds for four years now on a deck set up for flatland pushing, and with regular maintenance they are still strong. A year ago I got a set of pre-labyrinth swiss for another board, and they make every push last so much longer. I only have one question; any plans to build a six ball ceramic?I'm putting together a new deck and would order a set right now if you plan to make them. Thanks for making all these amazing bearings!

— Josh “wolf”

I own the Swiss Ceramics and have owned just about every type of bearing bones has made. Hands down! the greatest bearing company ever!I love all of them,but if you want perfection get the Swiss Ceramics they're worth the money,they don't need constant care(like many other ceramic bearings),they have an extremely smooth ride, mega-fast, maintains speed well, durable, perfection achieved!

— Riley “Ripping” Walters

Been using them for more than 5 years, and still running, just had to replace one now and I'm buying a new set of RED BONES for shure!

— Marc “cram” velasco

Dude your bearings are the shit, I have no idea how other skate-bearing companies stay in business.

— zack silverman

Your bearings are the absolute best! I've been skating the ceramics for the last 6 months and they have given me the couple of extra feet of air I've been looking for on the vert ramp.

— Jonathan “Jono” Schwan

Items 401-420 of 972

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