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You guys are truly amazing. Since day one I've been skatin your bearings. There the most amazing, durable and long lasting bearings to man kind! Everyone at Wreckless loves and supports what you all do for skateboarding. I mean, with out the bearings, where are you gonna go? Thank you so much!

— Sam “Wreckless Kid” Brown, wreckless wear


— daniel “dan” miller

I had some enuff abec 5 swiss which were good and I had them for a year and they got faster as they got older but i heard a sound that wasn't right and I knew something had gone rong so I cleaned them and they sounded better but got slower. I then got some Bones REDS today, they are smoother, faster and quieter than my old ones. they are the best bearings I have ever rid on, I recommend them as they are cheap and extremely chearful.

— Jordan “Jordz” Bryant

I've been willing to have a set of Bones Bearings until that I got them last 2 months and I might say, they're the best bearings I had skated with.

— Kean Ermitaño

They rock. They're real smooth and fast but if they get wet they start to rust.

— valdo

I love Bones Bearings, so far every time that I have needed bearings. Bones have been the right choice to me.

— Erik Johnson

Bones REDS spin fast even before they brake in mine were great until my board fell into a stream. I wish the O.G. Bones Swiss cost less though.

— andrew “andy”

So far I've heard a lot about Bones REDS and Bones SWISS, I'm hoping to buy some Super REDS soon! I cant wait!!

— davey “ARROW” crockett

I ride scooter and the Bones REDS bearings I have in the back wheel are just awesome, ever since I put them in my ride has been smooth as ever, these are just the best bearings I have ever had, better than the ABEC 7s I had.

— anthony mazzeo

If you skate, you skate Bones Bearings. Nothing even comes close.

— Jon

I have had Bones Super Swiss 6 for over 2 years now and they still roll pretty good even though I gave them the worst bearing treatment - no secondary lubrication, riding in dirt, no clean ups and jumping lots of stairs and gaps.

— Veliko “Velk-o”

These bearings are sick!!! I've skated the O.G. Swiss for like two years now. Been killin it ever since... So fast.

— tom “tommee” L,

Man, I just got some Bones Swiss Labyrinth and they are the best bearings I have ever skated!

— Oscar

I bought a set of REDS about 6 years ago, and have used and abused them for the duration, and they are still going strong! VIVA LA REDS:)

— Matt “South Africa”

I used to ride speed demon bearings but they were sucky and slow. Last year I purchased Bones Swiss and they've lasted me a year. (I never cleaned em.)

— jesus lopez

I love Bones REDS, I have REDS on 2 of my boards and Super REDS on my third. They are AWESOME!!!!

— Connor

I just thought about skating with BONES® BEARINGS and it made me feel so high...
May I join you?

— YUNGI “Cairo Foster” GEUM, SONY

My friend Taylor has had his Swiss for 7 years. They were actually his cousins before him and we skate everyday. He just greases and cleans em every other month and they still go faster after 7 years than my new REDS.

— craig “bonesrok!!!11”

AMAZING!! my friends HKD's are faster and spin for longer but my REDS aren't far behind and are so much smoother!!
Definately buying them again!!

— ryan “fouldsy”

Bones Swiss are the best bearings on this planet. In the universe!
They ride fast, last long, and stay clean.

— Elias “enjoi skater” Salas

Items 421-440 of 972

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