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I just bought new Bones REDS bearings. They didn't break in yet but feels really fast.

— chris “sa” sa, sa

Hey your bearings are the best.

— jason “jay” brunelle

I got some new Bones Swiss Ceramics, they are so quick, when I put them in and went onto the street u can tell the difference straight away, faster, smoother, stronger

— Nathan

Absoluety love Bones Swiss 6 bearings. Bones are the only bearings I use.

— Bucky

I finally had the money to buy some China Bones and they are awesome! The best bearings I have ever ridden on! Awesome!

— Taylor “Blondi” Lindsey

BONES WHEELS are excellent and I am waiting for my momentum bearings to wear out so I can get some Bones Bearings!

— Laine Jackart

There bearings are the best! But the best part is I like how they're not selfish. Since they make lubricant instead of making us buy another pack. This is the only company that I know that make skateboard lube unlike the other selfish companies.

— matt “skullkid” nevle

Bones swiss are great. They last long and have an awesome sound when you ride down ramps. Plus they are fast!

— paulo “pablo” j, secret organization

Bones Reds are the best low cost HIGH QUAILITY bearings on the market. If you want intense speed and long durration, then Reds are the way to go.

— Austin

Bones are my favorite bearings! I go through a deck a month or less and reuse my Bones Bearings. They make me go faster!

— Nolan “Rollin' Nolan” Houghton

Oh my gawd. Bones bearings are on a whole other level, and I feel if you're not riding Swiss, you are being deprived of an amazing thing.

— adam

Bones are the best. I've got all my friends to ride them!

— luke peltzer

What is there else to say, Bones are just the best bearing.

— evan jolley “EJMASTERJ” jolley, 802 crew

The speed is mind blowing and the quality is far beyond expectations.

— Isiah “icepick129” Baskins, InfoFeast

Anybody who skates should get Bones Bearings. I mean, there are some other good bearings out there but Bones are the sickest bearings I've ever had. They last so much longer then a lot of other companies and there a lot faster, jus sayin Bones are the sickest bearings out there.

— cody

Bones REDS are simply the best skate bearings. I'm looking forward to trying Bones Swiss.

— tim

Yo what up it's ya boi Waldo. Just want 2 tell everybody that Bones REDS and Bones Swiss are tha best bearings in tha world.

— mckay “waldo”

Just got a new set of REDS today and they were as good as u ever rember them super smooth buttery sidewalk surfing... REDS FOR LIFE!

— Laith, Skateboarding Saudi Arabia

Bones REDS are by far the best bearings I've ever had in my far! I have a pack of Bones Swiss and I fear what will happen when I put them in. for the sake of the human race, I pray to god that I dont go "too fast."

— Philip “PJ” Dari, School?

I propose to skate around the whole of Ireland, following the coast roads... I reckon i could do it in one month... I have a 8 3/4" wide deck, Kryptonics and Gold Swiss bearings... I may need new bearings by the halfway mark, or you could send me a new set before I leave and we could see how long they last?

— Slaine Browne

Items 421-440 of 950

per page
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