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I've been willing to have a set of Bones Bearings until that I got them last 2 months and I might say, they're the best bearings I had skated with.

— Kean Ermitaño

They rock. They're real smooth and fast but if they get wet they start to rust.

— valdo

I love Bones Bearings, so far every time that I have needed bearings. Bones have been the right choice to me.

— Erik Johnson

Bones REDS spin fast even before they brake in mine were great until my board fell into a stream. I wish the O.G. Bones Swiss cost less though.

— andrew “andy”

So far I've heard a lot about Bones REDS and Bones SWISS, I'm hoping to buy some Super REDS soon! I cant wait!!

— davey “ARROW” crockett

I ride scooter and the Bones REDS bearings I have in the back wheel are just awesome, ever since I put them in my ride has been smooth as ever, these are just the best bearings I have ever had, better than the ABEC 7s I had.

— anthony mazzeo

If you skate, you skate Bones Bearings. Nothing even comes close.

— Jon

I have had Bones Super Swiss 6 for over 2 years now and they still roll pretty good even though I gave them the worst bearing treatment - no secondary lubrication, riding in dirt, no clean ups and jumping lots of stairs and gaps.

— Veliko “Velk-o”

These bearings are sick!!! I've skated the O.G. Swiss for like two years now. Been killin it ever since... So fast.

— tom “tommee” L,

Man, I just got some Bones Swiss Labyrinth and they are the best bearings I have ever skated!

— Oscar

I bought a set of REDS about 6 years ago, and have used and abused them for the duration, and they are still going strong! VIVA LA REDS:)

— Matt “South Africa”

I used to ride speed demon bearings but they were sucky and slow. Last year I purchased Bones Swiss and they've lasted me a year. (I never cleaned em.)

— jesus lopez

I love Bones REDS, I have REDS on 2 of my boards and Super REDS on my third. They are AWESOME!!!!

— Connor

I just thought about skating with BONES® BEARINGS and it made me feel so high...
May I join you?

— YUNGI “Cairo Foster” GEUM, SONY

My friend Taylor has had his Swiss for 7 years. They were actually his cousins before him and we skate everyday. He just greases and cleans em every other month and they still go faster after 7 years than my new REDS.

— craig “bonesrok!!!11”

AMAZING!! my friends HKD's are faster and spin for longer but my REDS aren't far behind and are so much smoother!!
Definately buying them again!!

— ryan “fouldsy”

Bones Swiss are the best bearings on this planet. In the universe!
They ride fast, last long, and stay clean.

— Elias “enjoi skater” Salas

I've been skateboarding for 8 years and I've been using all kinds of bearings... after I tried Bones REDS I say that this bearing are the best bearing ever!!!!!! Maaann, they are fast as hellllll!!!

— conrad “jumpsuit” johnson

REDS Bearings are the best bearings I ever skated with... now I have other ones but I'm sure that the next time I buy some it will be this brand!! Thank you so much.

— Florian

I just bought new Bones REDS bearings. They didn't break in yet but feels really fast.

— chris “sa” sa, sa

Items 421-440 of 969

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