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I have owned a set of original gold shield Bones Swiss for the last 15 years. They ride great to this day!! They survived 4 years of me throwing myself of drops and hard skating and a little over 10 years of skating whenever i can w/o life getting in the way. I recommend them to anyone that asks because they are that good!! Thanks for making such long lasting bearings

— Chris “Metal” Clark

First off I want to say thanks for making the best bearings available. I've used Bones on all three of my longboards and no matter if I ride downhill or freeride these bearings are my top choice. They've got great quality for a great price. I was also wondering if there's anything I could do to help spread the company name because no one here in the South really longboards and I just want to help people in choosing the right hardware if they do decide to start riding. Anyways thanks again for the great products and stay rad.

Hunter Allen

— Hunter Allen

Best bearings ever. I'll never ride anything else.

— Gage “ilovebones” Taylor, sbkta

I've been riding Bnes for years now and wouldn't ever go back to others.

— Jesse Boswell

yo i would like to say that i use reds all the time and they work great thanks guys ^.^

— dom “lt.joker” lillie

I love the bearings, the prices, the cleanability, and the accessibility. They last and they're the only bearings I will ever use and buy. Perfect for how I ride and when I ride. No complaints. They do everything they need and more.

— Isaac “Boo” Martinez

I just wanted to let you know that your page on how to clean bearings is awesome. I really appreciate the time that you guys took to inform us in a simple and easy but still detailed manner on how to clean bearings. I recently bought the Bones Swiss bearings which work beautifully. I can't wait to clean them and see even better results. Thank you very much!

— Quenten “Q” Fisher

Bones are so good. They are my racing bearing of choice.

— g-reg

Thank you so much for making these bearings. I ride Bones Swiss Ceramic and I love them so much. They're super fast and they last so long! Once again, thanks for making these amazing bearings.

— Ryan Johns

I skated Bones REDS and mistakenly switched to another brand. To my surprise, it never had the same performance with the REDS. I'm back using REDS and I'm not looking back.

— jshnrz

Bones REDS are awesome. I love them.

— Jer

Love these bearings!!!!

— ayden “swagger”, powell peralta

I love REDS. Nothing can match the speed and strength and unmatched quality.

— cody “speedygonzalez” mcclain, just a longboarder

I skate Bones REDS and they are TASTY!

— Justice “J-Single” Large

I ride Bones Swiss Six and Bones REDS, the best bearings I've ever had!

— andrianto “real andri” sasmita, holy skateboard

Bones Swiss Six bearings are fast. You will be pushing easy. I've skating them for a year. Best bearings.

— Kelvin “kel” Nieves

Bones Bearings are simply the best. I'm riding REDS which are way better than any other bearing in that price-range, but soon I'm gonna buy a set of Swiss Ceramics!

— Thomas

I own a set of Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings and love them so much. Best bearings ever.

— Devon “D” Schamp

I cannot thank you guys enough! The bearings you make are incredible! I bought a set of REDS 2 years ago and I've only cleaned them twice, they're are still spinning incredibly! I'm quite an aggressive rider and yet they've outlasted 2 of my boards so far and I don't think they'll be breaking anytime soon. Thank you!

— Daniel “Aziannn” Huynh

I live in Finland where the winters are freezing cold and it rains all spring, summer and autumn. Talmacs are rough as hell and there is dirt everywhere. Casual bearings sorry to say including REDS only lasts about a year. I purchased my first Swiss Labyrinth four years ago and first one broke couple weeks ago. I ordered Swiss Ceramics and can't wait to see how awesome those are. With Swiss it's like they almost generate movement as those tend to roll so long and far!

— Johannes

Items 81-100 of 983

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