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I have had my Bones Super REDS for 4 years and they are the best bearings I have ever owned. They run like new and work great, even if they are a little dirty. It was a great decision to buy them!!!!!

— Brandon “The Bomb”

First time I ever spent that much for bearings and it was worth it just bought a set of the Super Swiss 6 they are super smooth and super fast. I broke them in pretty fast doing speed lines in the park.

— Victor “Vic”

I recently got a set of Super REDS for my Palisades longboard. These bearings are the best I've ever had! They're definitely better than regular REDS and after I cleaned them and re-lubed them they were insanely smooth and and fast. I have the best bearings of everyone I skate or longboard with now.

— Matt “Matteh”

I had Bones REDS in my drop deck Evo, and switched the the Swiss Ceramics. I'll never go back. I'm sure when I can afford the super Swiss Ceramics I'll never go back from those either! Excellent quality for your buck.

— Jay Bolen

After riding Bones Swiss for about a year now, I don't know why I didn't use them before them! Well done to the Bones team for these amazing pieces of skating equipment.

— Daniel

Hey I just bought some Bones Swiss bearings and they felt wierd when I first got them but no since I have broken them in they are super fast and super smooth (NEVER GOING TO A DIFFRENT BEARING COMPANY!!!) Bones The Best On The Market!

— Timothy “Timbo”

EPIC BEARINGS!!! Fastest I have ever used!!!

— Timmy “Timbo”

My buddy and I both bought REDS and love them. I went a couple steps up and bought the Super Swiss 6. I can handle any speed I need to for hills. Only downside is my buddy can out-coast me anytime and we have the same set up. All around I'll take any Bones Bearings in a heart beat if I had a choice.

— Ken, MNlongboard

Your bearings cruise forever.

— Taylor “Verva” Verva, Skateboarders of earth

Bones bearing are the best that I have ever skated ! Fast, smooth, and reliable, you have a customer for life! No other bearings come close! I have a set of Bones REDS that I had been skating for about two years and they still run like new.

— Raymond Jeremy “Rjb”

I bought my first pair of REDS about a year ago. Still work great! All my friends have them.

— David “Dave”

I still haven't done the full hour of breaking them in but man, tiny push and roll fast!!!!! Ya ming!!!! Best money ever spent!!!! lol

— ivan “the terrible”

I'm starting my own skate company and I still remember the day I got my board, it was about a year ago I went to my local skate shop and picked out a shop deck with thunder lights and a set of REDS. Now I'm never going back. I love these bearings.

— O'Neal, 6ix Star Skateboarding

I have 3 longboards, and one skateboard. They have Bones Swiss Six, Bones Swiss, and REDS. One of my Bones Swiss six are over 4 years old and still roll like day one, through water, dirt, bombing hills, and stairs. These things will not die. I haven't used any other bearing brand in 4 years.

— Kurt Backer

Shake Junt bearings need to be renamed to Shake JUNK. My regular Bones REDS last way longer in this west coast weather and are much cheaper.

— Jay “Jaymaican”

Your bearings are just all around amazing. They roll so nicely and are also sold at a relatively low price.

— Mason Cope

ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT BONES IS DONE... it's all that they say it is.

— matt “RAT” crevald

I'm coming up on year 6 with a single set of Bones Swiss Ceramics. I have Ceramics in all my set-ups, but these are the oldest. I cleaned them last week. Still as fast and as quiet as the day I bought them. 6 years; think about that.

— Mark “blackentrepreneur” Bonner

When I got my long board, it came with a set of Bones REDS. Have been rolling on those ever since. When I had to replace my skateboard bearings, I did it with Bones REDS. Never going back.

— Sam “Bam Sarlow” Barlow, Student

When Corey Duffel came to Costa Rica he gave me the ones that he has Bones Swiss and I have two words ... just awesome.. a year and a half using it!!! Bones Swiss for life.

— fabian “fa chvs”

Items 101-120 of 951

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