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Just got a new set of REDS for a new setup, just wanted to thank Bones for always making a sick product. I'm going skating! yew.

— mathew “matt” forster

I don't even know how any other bearing companies are still in business!!

— JP

Hey guys! About a year ago my dad bought me a Sector 9 Pintail Longboard, best present ever! But the standard bearings were noisy, and I never knew how to open up the shield to clean them, so in the end they were extremely dirty and damaged. I went over to the skate shop and bought myself some Bones Reds (I live in Switzerland so they cost 39 bucks :/). After installing them, I went for a test ride. They were AMAZING! And the shield is easy to remove so i can clean them without any problem. I am definitely a lifetime supporter for Bones bearings, and I am never going to buy from a different company :)

— Amedeo “Bigfoot” de Pretto

I love your bearings they are the best i have ever skated!

— elliot “elliot” wilkinson

Just set up a board with new non-bones bearings. It really felt horrible, like I was riding through tar. What a sad ten dollar mistake. Please accept my apologies.

— Stew

Easy, simple way to effectivly clean bearing without harming the product.

— Daniel “D.K.” Kennedy

I have 2 sets of the original Bones Swiss for 2 of my boards. Both go faster than ever and they last a long time.

— Dylan “Coconut Head” Tran

I just ordered a set of Swiss Ceramics so I can ride faster and farther with less energy and is it true that a combo of the bearings and new race formula wheels can do that.

— stephen mroz

Couldn't decide whether to buy Bones Swiss Six or Bones Swiss Ceramics because they each have their own advantages (one has six balls for less friction and the other ceramic balls for more durability and less heat). So why don't you guys make Bones Swiss Six Ceramics? Wouldn't those be the fastest and most durable bearings on the market?

— Timothy “Tim”

When I used to have my Bones Swiss Bearings they were the best I ever had. I recommend them to everyone. Please buy them. They are the best of best.

— Gary “J Dog” Diaz, None

Your Bones Swiss Ceramics are awesome man. They help me travel very fast on my longboard.

— Nas

Swiss Ceramics - best bearings ever. They spin for a very long time and are totally silent. Not overpriced at all!

— David “Dave”

Hey, I'm just taking the time to write you guys to say I love everything about this company I buy all the products and can't get enough of it. I find it hard to find where I'm at so I usually buy all this stuff online which is good coming straight to my home I wish that you guys keep the sweet stuff coming for years.

— Ryan

I started with a pair of REDS, and hit 25kmh then upgraded to the Ceramics, hit 40kmh!!!

— Tyler “Staples” Samsel

First time I've tried Bones REDS and I wouldn't choose any other bearings out there! It was unbelievable how smooth, quiet and fast it was! I'm like addicted to them. Haha.
Definitely buying HEAPS more!

— Rachel

I bought my first set of Bones Bearings today. It was the best 18 dollars of my life!

— Dylan

I live in GB and when i went on holiday in USA i got my first pair of Bones REDS for $15 that was 6 years ago and they still run like new. Now i have Bones Swiss and it was the "best buy" of my life and I got those 4 yrs ago none broken, popped still new. Even sold the other 4 I'm that trustworhty of them. If anyone ever reads this and is interested I say: GO ON BUY THEM!!

— Connor

Hi guys! I have a story to tell you. Today, I poured my Bones Speed Cream on my eyes thinking it was eye drops. I should have absolutely checked but I didn't. This one is on me, but are there any chances to get your bottles to look distinguishably different from the generic eye drops? Even a black cap will do it. I understand that those little bottles may be easier to buy or that I'm likely your only dumb customer who decided to grease their eyes instead of their bearings. Nonetheless, it sucked and I can't help but feel like we've been conditioned to think over the years that those little bottles are for eye drops... but now they're for bearing cleaners too! For this excited, absent-minded skater it was hard to separate them so I poured two drops of Speed Cream on one eye and one drop on the other. Fun times! Just thought you should know this happened. Likely I'm your first buyer that did this, but just in case I'm not I'm telling you and maybe you want to do something about it.

— Lena “Havana Hussy”, FCR

I have had my Bones Super REDS for 4 years and they are the best bearings I have ever owned. They run like new and work great, even if they are a little dirty. It was a great decision to buy them!!!!!

— Brandon “The Bomb”

First time I ever spent that much for bearings and it was worth it just bought a set of the Super Swiss 6 they are super smooth and super fast. I broke them in pretty fast doing speed lines in the park.

— Victor “Vic”

Items 101-120 of 969

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