About Bones Bearings Authorized Dealers

Frequently Asked Questions


Our first concern is always your ultimate satisfaction with your Bones Bearings product. We go to great pains to make sure you get the best products and the best pre and after sale service. For those reasons we strongly advise you to purchase Bones Bearings products only from Authorized Bones Bearings Dealers.

Bones Bearings proudly offers its products through a carefully selected Authorized Dealer network. If you do not see the official Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer sticker or seal, then it is not an Authorized Dealer. Only products purchased from a Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer qualify for the manufacturer's warranty and are backed by years of outstanding customer service through our Authorized Dealer network.

We encourage you to look for the Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer Logo wherever you shop.

For dealers outside the US please email us at info@bonesbearings.com and we will respond to your inquiry.


Why buy from a Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer?

Bones Bearings Authorized Dealers strive to deliver an excellent customer experience that helps you make the right choices. And they can assist in delivering the quality products and service you deserve when you buy a Bones Bearings product.

Bones Bearings honors its limited product warranties only when the products are purchased from a Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer. Purchasing Bones Bearings products out-of-network places Bones Bearings customers at risk. These customers may receive products that are used, defective, not designed to properly operate, or counterfeit. We urge Bones Bearings customers to protect themselves and their Bones Bearings products by purchasing only from a Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer.

The Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer assurance

When you purchase Bones Bearings products from a Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer, you can be assured you are not purchasing products that may have been altered or counterfeit, which would void the limited warranty that accompanies Bones Bearings products.

Here are some good reasons why you should be careful about buying from non-authorized dealers:

Ever see guys selling Rolex watches on the street corner for $25, or Ray Ban sunglasses for $10? How can they do that? They are not really Rolex watches or Ray Ban sunglasses but copies made in countries where laws are laxly enforced. Counterfeit Bones Bearings products may look like the real thing, but they don't perform like the real thing. When you buy from a Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer you are assured of getting the real deal - genuine Bones Bearings product.

Warranty - Products purchased from non-authorized dealers have already been sold once (to the non-authorized dealer) and therefore are second-hand goods by the time they come into your possession and may not be covered by the Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer warranty.

In addition, there have been reports of unauthorized retailers selling counterfeit product. As we have no relationship with these parties, if you experience any difficulty with their service, we may be unable to assist you. Please contact us if you happen upon one.

Unauthorized e-tailers and dealers

We have not audited unauthorized e-tailers or other unauthorized dealers to determine if they meet the high customer service standards our Authorized Dealers are required to meet. Since we generally have no relationship with them, we may be unable to help you if you experience any diffculty with their service. For these reasons we strongly recommend you purchase Bones Bearings products only from an Authorized Bones Bearings Dealer.

Special Note about eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, etc

Many of the Bones Bearings products you see on sites like these are second hand products, and even counterfeit regardless of what the seller claims. They are an unrestricted market. Most resellers are not authorized Bones Bearings dealers; therefore, Bones Bearings products purchased through them may not be covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. Be careful and check with us first.

So how do you know?

The Bones Bearings website has an up-to-date list of authorized Bones Bearings dealers, both on-line and store-front retailers. Anyone claiming to be an authorized Bones Bearings dealer, who is not in fact authorized, is breaking the law and subject to consequences. If you are ever in doubt, check our Bones Bearings Authorized Dealer list, contact Bones Bearings customer service 1 (800) 288 7528 or send an email to info@bonesbearings.com to verify a dealer's status.