Interview by Erik Olsen | Photos by Jerry HsuHey Jer, remember 14 years ago you showed me your sponsor me video and asked for advice on how to get sponsored? What did I tell you? You told me a 45 minute sponsor me tape was probably a bad idea.Talk about that video and some highlights. It was all over the place. Mini ramps, self filming, handrails, banks, was a mess. I set up a camera and tripod at my middle school and filmed myself do a darkslide. It was pretty good.Remember before you were sponsored you used to make fake ads on your computer with you in them? Don’t all kids do this kind of stuff?Yeah I think a lot do. I used to draw fake Powell-Peralta ads with me in them. But I drew them, you made them on the computer. You were more high tech. I guess I was a total nerd.In your family were you encouraged to excel in skating? I was encouraged to quit skating all the time, but my mom always drove me places and was really cool. When I got in trouble they would take my board away, and that sucked so bad. But once I got sponsored that punishment was totally useless.Is it weird to you that your moms name is Sue Hsu? Not really.Remember 12 years ago when I was your driving instructor and you almost crashed? I'm Asian so I'm always almost crashing to this day.So what have you been up too these days? Rehabbing my knee again and just being bipolar.Sum up your 2009. Sucked balls.What is hella tight for 2010? I'm gonna be me again!What's super lame in 2010? I'm gonna be me again.Do you have any new years resolutions? No, I don’t do that.What's going on at your house? What's new since I moved out? The house is filled with babes and cats. We all miss you.It seems much cleaner these days. Are you still a slob still or are your roommates picking up after you? I'm a slob 4 life. The girl that replaced you keeps the house clean.What up with your newest cat? It’s the most annoying asshole I’ve ever met. I'm one cat away from becoming a cat lady. Have you been collecting any new stuff? More books, a stuffed fox, and I'm really into pyramids lately.Have you been skating? I’ve been skating a little.How's you body holding up? Are you hurt again? Yeah, my body is a total nightmare. I hired a personal trainer so my knee will be strong and my ass will be tight as hell.How did you get hurt again? When I started skating after my surgery I stopped going to the gym. I thought skating would be enough to stay strong, but it turns out I have to go to the gym for the rest of my life. So my knee just got weaker the more I skated.Are you going to that same public gym with the weird old naked guys? Yup.So before you got hurt again, after your surgeries, you got a bunch of photos and were filming for the Emerica video. How was that being back in the mix filming and shooting photos? It was awesome!!!! A total tease though because I just flat lined after the summer. How and where did this switch nose grind pop out go down? It went down cuz I'm a totally sweet switch nose grinder. It was Jose Rojo's top secret spot until he told everyone on earth.How many tries did it take? Like a thousand.Is that the best trick to go down? What other moves were busted that you think were cool? Probably nothing as cool as what I did, obviously.How was that spot to skate? Is it still there? It totally sucks and it’s a bust now. What have you been doing in your down time? I just buy stuff and eat stuff.Have you been making stuff? Photos or art? I'm making a small book of photos and have a photo show in Berlin in a couple months.What's up with your new camera phone blog? It’s the best of its kind.What is your favorite stuff to shoot on your phone? Naked people and dirty kids in parking lots.What are a few of your best or fav photos and why? I attached a pic i like.You have any traveling planed for the near future? I'm going to burger king later.You working on a new shoe? Yes. it will be the ugliest thing ever made for skating. I hope you like it.When did you hear about Bones Bearings as a kid? My parents sat me down and had the 'Bones Bearings' talk with me.Were REDS your bearings of choice since your Chinese? Yes, REDS are the choice of the People, unless you can afford Swiss.What do you like most about Bones Bearings? Less pushing = more relaxing.