Interview by Jose HamburgerCory KennedyWhat's up Corey can you tell us about how you got on Bones Swiss? Um....I got a phone call from that cat Erik at Swiss and went from their!!>How long have you known Bones Swiss were the best bearings out there?Where are you from? Lake Stevens, Washington!!Whats new with you Cory, what have you been up to? Just got off a girl trip!! So been hanging with the homies back home!!I've seen those Nike Sb Don't fear the sweeper tour videos, how have filming for those been? They were super fun!! It's a really good time skating with all the dudes on the team!!I've also seen your tricks in those videos, how do you even begin to learn those crazy tricks? Just think about stuff that could maybe be possible to land and try and make it reality!You were recently on a Girl trip in Australia, how was that experience? Sooo good Girl trips have the best vibes!!Do you get messed with because your the newer guy on GirlNike? No, no one f____ with me!!Anything else that your currently filming for? A Chocolate part!Any trips coming up? Amsterdam in a couple days then a east coast Rvca trip!Current Board setup? 7 3/4" Alex Olsen board, Royals, Spitfires 49s! And some Swiss!!Favorite skatepark? Shoreline / Snohomish.Tight or Loose trucks? Loose.Are you a youtube lurker? Yeah, I get into seeing new skating!!Favorite Food? Toasted cheese tomato soup!!Music that gets you psyched? Wildcat click!!Crew your normally roll out with on a skate mission? Beware crew!!Newest Trick learned? Variel heel!!Trick you just cant seem to land? Inward heel!!Person that you just can't seem to beat in a game of skate? Atiba.Earliest memories of skating? I have a shitty memory!!Any advice for kids out there trying to make it? Take it easy!! Learn the basics first!!Last words? Drive safe!!