Interview by Jose HamburgerMike MoWhat's up Mike Mo, can you tell us about how you got on Bones Swiss I don't remember, I think I had Sam Smyth hit them up for some bearings, and they wanted me on the team, so I was stoked to do it. Swiss is the best bearings you can ride.What was you first Swiss ad and who shot it? Anthony Acosta shot it. And it was a switch heel off the back off the back of a trailer over a grass gap.Where are you from? Simi Valley, CA!What's new for Mike Mo, what have you been up too? Haha, nothing much really, always the same stuff, lots of skating and stuff like that. Actually my pro shoe just came out, so I'm really stoked on that. Completely honored to have a shoe on Lakai!I heard you recently went on a Girl trip through Australia, how was that? And who do you get along with the best? Yeah, we were in Australia for 2 weeks, I just got off my flight a couple hours ago actually and it was probably my favorite trip I've ever been on. Everyone on Girl went, the whole team. And we all get along great, Girl is honestly like a family. I remember when I was younger they would always say the "GIrl and Chocolate family". But it's honestly true, everyone has so much love for each other and such a good vibe. That was a really special trip, and I think everyone on Girl would say the same.Who did you room with? Malto! He's my buddy! Its works perfectly, me and him are the same age, so were both motivated to go do the same stuff while the old goats on Girl rest! Haha!Are you currently filming for anything? Yeah, I'm working on the Girl/Chocolate video.Whats your current board setup? Girl board, Royal 4's, Spitfire 50mm, Diamond Hardware, Mob grip, Bones SwissAre you a youtube lurker? Haha kind of, not really of skating tho... I'll watch funny Kobe clips, him dunkin on dudes, or throwing a towel into a ladies face. Lebron is funny as f___ too, always dancing and shit. I love that stuff.Newest trick to you collection? Haha seriously, I f___ing finally learned how to pop a damn switch 180. I could always switch frontside flips and stuff. But for some reason I couldn't switch 180 good!!! It always pissed me off.Trick you want to learn? Everything... I wanna learn how to skate rails and tranny good. Absolutely anything.Favorite skatepark? SkateLab for sure!Who your normal crew you skate with on a daily basis? I wish I had a crew. All my friends stopped skating. They all got jobs and have girl friends now. Kind of sucks. But my brother Vince and my friend Danny. Maybe a couple other people on a rare occasion. But I wish it was all my friends like it used to be. I miss that.Hip Hop or Rock? Anything that sounds awesome.Favorite Food? Pizza for sure!Myspace or Facebook? F___... Hmmm I have my moments. Facebook is better, but they max you out at 5,000 friends which is lame! Biebel always bitches about it. HahaFavorite thing about Bones Swiss bearings? They f___ing roll and they actually last.Any advice for kids out there trying to make it? Just skate your ass off, and have fun doing it.Earliest Memories of skating? Getting a skateboard for Xmas and trying to Ollie up the curb. Afraid to commit and kept taking my back foot off when I would try and land it.5 things you cant live without? Skating, Internet, TV, Texting, BasketballWhere do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully the same thing I'm doing now, skating having fun, hanging with friends. I don't want much to change. I'm very happy with everything right now.Last Words? Apple, Please sponsor me!!!