Interview by Jose HamburgerWhat's up up Theotis can you tell us how you got on Bones Swiss Bearings? I was at Daryl Angel's house up in San Jose for the NC triple set contest. Daryl introduced me to Erik, and he asked if I wanted to ride for Swiss.How long have you known Bones Swiss where the best? Forever.And How long have you been riding for Swiss bearings? 2 years.Where are you from? Los Angeles CA.Years skating? 9What's new with you, what have you been up to recently? Filming with the Baker dudes!I've seen those Nike SB "Don't fear the sweeper" Tour videos how has filming for those been? It's been amazing to actually skate with the whole crew and filming with Jason Hernandez is the best thing you could ever want. He is so creative, smart and makes everything look so good.Who do you usually room with on those Nike trips? Shane O'neil and Daryl AngelAnything else you currently filming for? Chicken Bone.What's your current board setup? Low 145 8' inch Thunder's, 53 Spitfire wheels, Bones Swiss precision, Diamond hardware, Flik griptapeFavorite skatepark? Hawthorne skateparkFavorite Trick? Backside FlipsFavorite skate obstacle? Stairs an manual pads.Tight or Loose Trucks? Tight, kinda medium.Music that gets you Syked? Young Jeezy.Newest trick learned? Backside 5-0 360 flip out.Favorite thing about riding for Swiss bearings? They last for years!Any advice for kids out there trying to make it? Stay humble an just skate an have fun and everything will fall in place.Earliest Memories of skating? Meeting Andrew Reynolds, Braydon, Dustin at my local skatepark when they started to hook me up with boards and started to film for the Baker 3 Video.Anyone you look up too? Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Koston, Guy Mariano, Marc Johnson, P Rod.Last Words? Thank you to all my sponsors and a big thanks to everyone at Bones Swiss!