Interview by Jose HamburgerWhats up T-puds, tell me how you got on Bones Swiss? Just Erik Olsen always being around the 805 and mad homies putting in a good word for me!What was you first Swiss ad and who shot it? It was a Nollie Heelflip over a red fire hydrant, shot by Mikendo from Filmbot files.Where are you from? The ValleyWhat’s new for Torey, what have you been up too? Filming for the Transworld video coming out June 10th… My Signature shoe is dropping same month on DVS... be on the look out for those! Making big moves.What is your current board setup? Unknown... but with Super Swiss 6 balls bearings in my pocket!Newest Trick you’ve learned? Currently working on some new maneuvers. Bs Smith Kick flip out to Bs tail!Favorite skateparks? Pauls warehouse, Skatelab (Simi Valley), Pedlow (The Valley)Whats you normal crew you roll out with on a skate mission? The boys… Justin Schultie, Carlos Zarazua, Dan "the Man" Abadi, Paul Rodriguez, Gonzo, Jon Holland, Jose Hamburger/Pickle… those main dudes.How long did the ender to your Proof part (Cab bs lip slide to bs tail slide bs flip out) take you to land? A solid 3 days and 3 dirty ass shirts later!Tight or Loose trucks? MediumMusic That gets you psyched? Lil wayne gets me psyched, a lot of things get me hyped... Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Wu Tang Clan!Any trips coming up? Cruisin’ to Tampa to skate the Tampa pro contest.Favorite thing about Bones Swiss Bearings? 1st of all being able to work with Erik Olsen, and 2nd they’re the best bearings in the world!Earliest memories of skating? I remember when i was 7 I dropped into Skate Street’s ramp, first try. I was psyched… definitely my ramp drop in was my first memory.How long Have you known Bones Swiss Bearings were the best? Couple years after I started skating I found out about Swiss… I’ve know about them for about 10 years. They were the word on the street everyone talked about.Anyone you look up too? I look up to my family, friends, my girlfriend. Without them, none of this would be possible.Last words? Always stay true to your game!