Bones Swiss Labyrinth Bearings are improved.

New, Bones Swiss L2 Bearings feature a new shield that reduces drag and increase the overall speed of the bearing. The Bones Swiss L2's have a new, redesigned inner race and two new labyrinth shields to keep the dirt out longer, but still allow easy maintenance when necessary.

If you ride Original Bones Swiss the only difference you will notice is that the L2 Swiss will last several times longer between cleanings. This significant increase in service life comes at a very small increase in retail cost, so the value is greatly increased.

The new redesigned inner race and new shields build upon the success of our original Labyrinth. They do an even better job of actively dispersing dust and dirt away from the interior of the bearings.

As you can see in the images there is a step on the inside of the new shield and a new designed inner race.

In the split drawings, you can see our Original Bones Swiss has a non-contact shield and our original standard inner race, while the L2 has new shields and a new, redesigned inner race. When we combine the two new parts we are able to create an amazing labyrinth-type barrier.