Thanks to all 144 winners of our Share Your Experience campaign, celebrating 25 Years Of REDS.

From April 2022 through June 2022 we reached out to 12 fans each week to receive a prize consisting of Bones Speed Cream, and a set of Bones REDS, Bones BIG BALLS REDS, Bones Super REDS or Bones Swiss Bearings. Winners were from TX, CA, AZ, OH, WA, TN, OK, WI, MT, IN, KS, PA, NJ, MA, OR, SC, MN, FL, AK, NY, SD, NM, KY, HI, RI, CT, MO, GA, OK, NY, NV and CO. Brasil, Australia, Canada, Spain, England, Colombia, France, Ecuador, Belgium, Indonesia and UAE.

FUN quotes from fans

  • "Thanks for makin the best bearings out there!”
  • "The only consistent part of my skateboarding for the past 15 years”
  • “You just can't f**k with Bones!”
  • "Me and my Bones REDS are like a happily married couple that has been together for 20 years”
  • “Almost like cheat codes for skateboarding”
  • “I love you"
  • “Definitely gonna get more as soon as I can”
  • “I ride Bones, Bones are better"
  • “…saved my marriage"
  • “Every smooth push was worth every penny"
  • “Fastest and best bearings in the business... this is coming from someone who does quality inspection for aircraft engine bearings”
  • “I’ll never forget that feeling”

For more skater’s testimonials on Bones Bearings: