Bones® Race REDS® Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

Bones® Race REDS® Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

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Bones® Race REDS® Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

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BrandBones Bearings

Each Bones Race REDS Bearings is made with upgraded top quality bearing steel, ground to perfection and polished, best for racers who use precision trucks and properly tighten their axle nuts

Precision ground 0.200 built in spacer to provide perfect 0.400 spacing between bearings.

Precision ground extended race eliminates the need for speed washers, and provides better alignment of the bearings when the axle nut is tightened.

Lubricated with Bones Speed Cream

A groove on the inside of each bearings inner race eliminates weight and allows insertion and removal of the bearing using the Bones Bearing Tool, even on hub wheels


  • Precision ground, Skate Rated™ Racing bearings by Bones®
  • Removable high-speed Nylon™ ball retainers
  • Removable Non-Contact frictionless shield for easy cleaning
  • Integrated bearing spacer to provide perfect 0.400" spacing
  • Extended race replaces need for spacers and washers
  • Extended race provides perfect alignment for greater speed and axle reinforcement
  • Fewer parts mean faster set up


Customer Reviews

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Fast Review by Cross
Got them today, just tried.
Compared to the Bear Spaceballs I had, no comparison!
Fast, Smooth and worth the money! (Posted on 6/27/2019)
Fire Review by Jorge
These are some great bearings. Added them to some cruiser wheels on my sidewalk surfer. (Posted on 6/21/2019)
If you're not using these then what are you doing? Review by Encourage Skateboarding
I got these and right out of the box they are the fastest bearings ever; I've been skating for a very long time and have run through all types of bearings out there. These are it, right here. They are worth the price. No spacers, no washers, jam them in your wheels and hang on. (Posted on 1/8/2019)
Glad I waited Review by Bartley
The Race Reds are just that. Racy... They go... Get a set ASAP. (Posted on 11/20/2018)
Great Bearings! Review by Christopher McConnell
I'm an old man and just cruise around. There is a small hill and valley on our paved country road though. I used to go down that hill with regular Bones Swiss or Bones Reds, it would sometimes be a little scary for me. Got my new board with Bones Red's Race Bearings, and holy crap. Went down that hill and thought I was going to die I was going so much faster than ever before! Getting my 24 year old daughter her first board for Christmas 2018, and made sure her board had these bearings in them. Highly highly recommended. (Posted on 10/22/2018)
Bulletproof, fast, durable. Review by Kevin
Ok, so bearings schmearings, if its round it rolls right? Maybe. I have been riding REDS a long time. Before that was german speed bearings, NMB’s whatever was the thing at the time except maybe ceramics. So anything under the 60 dollar price point, because lets face it, skaters usually arent from tons of money, and to afford a deck once a month was about the high end for me as a kid. When I made the switch to REDS, there was a marginal difference in performance, but the quality was way up so I stuck with them. There was no WOW factor in the decision, but these Race REDS are another story. They are the secret sauce man. So fast, and quiet out of the box. No rattles from spacers, no washers needed, so nothing to lose, and if you like a dialed ride, you must get these. Faster than a gold plated greased monkey, and you can quote me on that. Once again Bones Bearings and Powell-Peralta step up the game. My Flight Deck rocking G slides and Race REDS is unquestionably the best set up I've ever ridden. Bulletproof, fast, durable. So take it from an old man, if you Have Seen Him, chances are, now you may even Catch up with Him. Do It!!! (Posted on 9/22/2018)
Super fast Review by Jason
If you feel the need for speed than Race REDS should be at the top of your list. There's never any doubt of mismatched spacers which allows for perfect space between your bearings and no need for speed washers. This makes setting up and skating quick and easy. (Posted on 6/2/2018)
They roll great Review by Gregory
I took a chance on these to put on my softer Mini Logo wheels. So far, no complaints, they roll great. (Posted on 4/10/2018)
Best built in, it's a bones red Review by Jacob
Bones reds have been my go to bearing for over 12 years. I've only been riding soft wheels for 4 years now and to see a bones red oriented for the softwheel scene is amazing. I've been riding the race reds on a street deck with g-slides, abusing the hell out of them, on my dh and free ride set ups as well. They are taking a beating and holding up just fine. The price is a little high but I wouldn't say there are many competitors of this quality in the built in game. (Posted on 3/31/2017)
I set up the Review by Jef “Choy”
I set up the new extended race bearings and they pretty much make every bearing you make useless.......

Tightened down harder than I ever have, and they run forever.

not sure how they'll hold up but I expect well.....

Take it to the traditional market before someone else does....one of the best products I've seen out of Powell.


PS bring back ditchtech and do not publish. (Posted on 3/21/2016)

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