Bones® Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

Bones® Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

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Bones® Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

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BrandBones Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics are in a class by themselves. If you want the best there is, this is it. The ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof, and longer lasting than the finest steel balls. Made in Switzerland.


  • Accelerate faster.
  • Roll faster and farther.
  • Resist dirt and moisture better.
  • Help to repair injuries to your races caused by dirt.
  • 1 non-contact, removable rubber shields allow easy cleaning.
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.
  • Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.


  • Set of 8 bearings
  • 4 bearing spacers
  • Instructions
  • Sticker

Bones Swiss Bearings have the best reputation in the skateboard industry and have had this honor since 1981, due to their performance and quality. Everyone who rides Swiss knows how fast they are and how long they last. Testimonials reveal them lasting several times longer than low cost bearings. Skaters who use Bones Swiss do so because they want the very best equipment they can get and know the difference between ordinary and exceptional. Our team is a who’s who of top skaters and we are proud to be associated with each one of them.

How to Install Bearings Into Your Skateboard Wheels


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Swiss Ceramics Review by David “Dave”
Swiss Ceramics - best bearings ever. They spin for a very long time and are totally silent. Not overpriced at all! (Posted on 12/30/2013)
Your Bones Swiss Review by Nas
Your Bones Swiss Ceramics are awesome man. They help me travel very fast on my longboard. (Posted on 12/30/2013)
I just ordered Review by stephen mroz
I just ordered a set of Swiss Ceramics so I can ride faster and farther with less energy and is it true that a combo of the bearings and new race formula wheels can do that. (Posted on 12/30/2013)
Hey guys! I Review by Marshall “Marshall” Gagnon
Hey guys! I just wanted to say I've been riding Bones Swiss Ceramics in my longboard for a year now... nothing has ever compared... P6B3M7 (Posted on 12/30/2013)
Thank you so Review by Ryan Johns
Thank you so much for making these bearings. I ride Bones Swiss Ceramic and I love them so much. They're super fast and they last so long! Once again, thanks for making these amazing bearings. (Posted on 12/30/2013)
Recently I have Review by Chase “Mr. Ghost” Suero
Recently I have started racing in the very small longboarding circuit in Florida, and I am honestly not the best. But now that I have these new Bones Ceramics I just can't stop. The ride is unbelievable. So smooth I forgot I was on a normal road. Purely amazing. Worth the money, but even that wasn't all to bad. (Posted on 12/30/2013)
I upgraded to Review by Craig Bargmann
I upgraded to a set of Swiss Ceramics & had my first session at the skate park 2 days ago. The speed increase was not only noticeable to me. Two guys at the park noticed that my carves had increased in speed & asked if I had new wheels or bearings. I'm very pleased with the quality & performance. It's not hype. Buy these & you'll see for yourself. (Posted on 12/30/2013)

Items 111 to 117 of 117 total

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