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I’ve been skating with Bones since 88, and even today I still use them there a lot better than most products on the market.

— Eric “the EQguy”

Dope ass bearings! REDS... my love.

— Michael

I've had my Swiss set since around '87, I have neglected to ever clean them properly and they have stood the test of time. I have only now just replaced them 24 years later. Awesome!

— Aaron “Animal”

All other bearings are bad news bears compared to these! These are good news gorillas!!!!!

— matt

I have bought other bearings that cost more but my Bone REDS have blown everyone of them out of the water. There is nothing that can compare to Bones bearings. They are the best in the Sk8 world, keep making those awesome bearings!!! Bones Super REDS are next on my list.

— Sean “DarkStarSk8” Kilgore

i have skated a lot of bearings since I started skating. They were all ok but then I customized a new bored. I put Bones REDS in it. let me tell you I will never skate another brand again. Bones all the way.

— shane “whitty” whitman, street skater

Crazy fast bearings.

— Sepehr

Bones Bearings are the only bearings every skater should ride today because they are the fastest on the planet!

— Josh “dagoon” uno

These are some magic bearings. Go Bones or be a turtle.

— Paul

Those who know, know that there is only Bones. Simple and absolute, truly the standard to be judged by.

— Karamvir “Kam”

Bones Swiss... best bearing ever!! Smoothest things ever, that is including my charm!!!

— daniel “dan the MAN”

I'm a 10 year old skater. I just bought Bones REDS, and it's like riding on air! My older bearings were black and the REDS were (obviously) red. If anyone asks me what bearings to buy, it would definitely be Bones Bearings!

— mitchell “zbek”

I LOVE!! my Bones Swiss Labyrinth bearings. Only one suggestion... You should make a Bones Swiss Super Six Labyrinth Ceramic bearing! The Ultimate in speed and durability!!!

— Parker “AttitudeXX” Anderson

When it comes to bearings for my skateboard the question is which Bones Bearings. I had some spare cash and got Bones Swiss Ceramics and now the cash doesn't need to be spare to get these. It's ridiculous. They go so easy my 20 kg dog can carry me uphill. Bones to the death.

— aviv

I have been skating Swiss ceramics for a few months now. Today I used a deck with regular bearings and it felt like someone was pulling me back. These bearings are beyond ridiculous, they feel like you're gliding.I will never use anything other than Swiss ceramics. I have a serious crush on them.

— Jamie “Slug” Webster

Bought some Bones Super Reds today from local shop. I rode them around for about half an hour and they were broken in. Rode around my neighborhood, usually takes about 30 minutes. Took 15...BONES4LIFE!!!!

— Cody

Bones Bearings are the best... and expensive...

— Pack

I ride all bearings you can imagine... But when I ride Bones... I fell in love. I just didn't like the Bones Swiss Ceramics for street... I got my Ceramics bearings broken... I you ride street ride with Bones Swiss, is the best bearings ever. Bones bearings have the best reputation in the world... Here, in Brazil, if you ask: What are the best bearings availabe? So they say: Bones bearings for sure. I always use Bones Swiss bearings on my skateboard. Yes, it is a little bit expensive but CHEAP = BAD (not all of them) EXPENSIVE = BETTER (it depends). Bones bearings forever!

— José Augusto

Bones REDS bearings are great, the detachable only twice to clean them I can say is that Bones Bearings is the best brand of bearings for skateboard, my next will be rolling Bones Swiss.

— juniho “ervinha ” sorce , bones bearings

I'd like to thank you for the most reliable, fastest bearing set I've ever skated... My set up recently got some real bad rusting after sitting around in my damp house this winter, but after replacing the rest of my set up, after one cleaning session with Bones Speed Cream by Bones Swiss were better than ever! They're worth the extra money! Bones REDS are only the start guys!

— Rory

Items 201-220 of 985

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