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About 3 months ago I purchased a set of Bones Swiss for my Sector 9 and have been having a blast non-stop. Within the week I am purchasing the Bones Swiss Ceramics and don't know what to expect. I'm in my study hall class right now itching in my chair waiting to get a call to say they have arrived in the mail. Thank you Bones Bearings, I really appreciate everything you guys work for.

— Marshall Sallee

Look I bought the Bones Swiss bearing probably about a week ago. I told my friend that I got them and he said, "holy s*&#, dude! that's what the pros use." After I took that out on my longboard to break them in, I thought to myself "Wow, I think is that fast most quiet ride I have had had. I suggest these bearings to intermediate skaters or if you just want to go really fast.
Nice job guys, keep up the good work!!!

— Miles “Speed” Moussa

My 7 year old son received Bones bearings for Christmas from his Uncle and he says they make his wheels "go faster and smoother." My husband & I have been finishing up on his Christmas present, a 26x10x4 half pipe, but have been delayed because of all the rain happening here in California.

— christie “ ” hansmeier

So I just got some Bones Swiss Ceramics and before I had that I had shake junts and I didn't like them much so I got bones. They are great I love them and they are super fast and lasts longer than shake junts so keep the Bones Bearing going and they are AWESOME!!

— Andrew “Clone”

Hey, this is Zo from St. Louis Just got my Bones Bearings in the mail. Can't wait to see what all the talk is about.


I started skating in 86 or so... I've been skating Bones Bearings for 7 or 8 years now (Swiss & 6 balls), and they're the best, no doubt. Today, I bought my first set of Ceramics! I'm really hyped and it's really an honor for me to ride them... I just love the sticker too. Thank you for delivering the quality and precision material our activity requires.

— ilir

Your bearings are GREAT! I use the BONES® REDS™ bearing and they are fast! MORE POWER!

— tj “tdjo” aquino, banned from the park skate crew

I've had a pair of Bones Swiss that I used for around a year, then they sat in a pair of wheels for another 2 years in a drawer. Took them out today and cleaned them for the first time, still going strong, smooth, and fast! Thanks to all of you at Bones Bearings for creating, maintaining, and caring for the rest of us. Keep it up!

— raphael “foli”

Man, I just got a new box of Bones REDS yesterday, they are the quietest, best rolling bearings on the planet! If your looking for great bearings... stop right there and pick up a box of Bones!!!!!!

— christian “hamlet” oldham

At first when I got the bearings I was holding them in my hand so I spun them. They only spun for 4 sec. But when I put them on my board they where going super fast that's why I love the REDS.

— emilijus gintalas

So I got the REDS Super Ceramics with my new Landyachtz. These bearing are amazing. I did a test to see how far I could go with 2 pushes. So I did the first starting push then another right after and I kept going for a good 350 feet. All my friends say like a hot knife cutting through butter. Amazing. Keep it up.

— Jake “Jiggins” Riggins

I love these bearings, i used them for over 2 years and they still run perfect! I love Bones Bearings!

— Christian “chris” Rabenitas, Okisk8ers

I don't have Bones Bearings, but my friends do. I've skated their boards and I about cried. I can't explain how good they feel. Once you have a taste, you can never go back. I love Bones Bearings and I'll be getting some soon.

— Jason “Jesus” Bullcock, Skat-Boobing

Super REDS are great bearings,they're fast smooth and easy to clean.I've been skating for 1 year and this must be the greatest bearings. Although some bearings are expensive these bearings are worth your money out of spitfire and element this are the best and its THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE THANK YOU.

— Richard Solis

Good day my name Walter Baresi ribeiro, street luge athlete I live in Brazil, I was in third place Teutonia 2010 IGSA, and broke the world speed record was that American cris mc bride 129.8 km / h, broke with the speed of 133.82 km / h am the youngest top street luge speed record IGSA, I wonder if you work with support to street luge athletes and how it works, I thank you, I hope to return. See you soon.

— Walter “Baresi” Ribeiro, Rapido e rasteiro

The Super Swiss 6 live up to the hype. Noticeably FASTER than the Swiss. Great purchase.

— Brian

You don't even think about getting the bearings next to those REDS.

— Shane

I Ride Bones Swiss period.

— Paul Mejares

Hey Austin Warner, so sorry to hear you are having trouble with your heart. if you are anything like me, it must have been hard to stop skating for a couple months. i can't go for more than 4 days without skating. but on a serious note, hope you heal fast and get your bills paid and get back to skating!

Oh, BTW, Bones ARE THE BEST!!!! my friend has had his swiss bearings forever!!! I'm hoping to get some either for my birthday or Christmas!!

— Daniel “Dan” Millard

Love my new Bones Labyrinth bearings... best I've ever owned.
P.S. Tops all the other bearings... have to try them!

— julz “juju” cortez

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