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Just bought a pair of Bones Swiss Bearings and I could not believe the difference in the bearings. I go skating every weekend and I won't ever skate with nothing else. If you don't own a pair of Bones Bearings......Go out and buy you a pair NOW!!!!. Or just order them straight from "Bones Bearings".com. Thanks so much you guys!!!

— Angela “Angie” Miller

I own a set of Bones REDS, and damn they are fast. They are durable and so worth the price. However I plan on buying a set of Swiss Ceramics, and what I am wondering is what is the highest top speed recorded with a set of Swiss Ceramics.

— Brett “Dante Kuro” Avey, Espada

Bones Bearings are the BEST i love them i cant go without them i've only used these bearings and i tried some Luckies but the Bones are WAY better! they last forever and go way fast!!

— Matt “Montoya” Montoya

Bones are the BEST :D, I have used them for all my Bearing's and they Have NEVER let me down...

Keep up the good Work.

— Matt Grogan

These bearings are freakin good but are hard to maintain. But yet they go soo fast, I had some 18 teen dollar ones they were good but not as good as the Super REDS

— travis “trav”

Hello! I am from Brazil and I am using Bones REDS. Gosh, it's so fast, and have so many durability. I bought bearing cleaner and speed cream too. Easy to clean. I'm so satisfied to have Bones REDS. I recommend. Almost 3 years of skateboard.

— Renato Brito

Hello Bones Bearings. How about you go and design a perfect 10MM Bearing for our ever increasing users of 10MM Axles? Would most definately buy them because your 8MM bearings are very good indeed.
best wishes, Sincerely,

— Luuk Brink

Ive had the same pair for 4 years and they're still rolling great, I skate every day and they're still going strong

— Chad “Chad”, Shreders of Ashe County NC

Man these bearings are the best out there I've had mine for two years and they are still fast and silent if I were u I would get them.

— sam

The Super Reds are really tight. They're well worth the extra 10 bucks from the normal reds.

— Austin

My friends mini-logo bearings rusted after a week. My bones red bearings however, are still going strong! BUY BONES BEARINGS!!!

— Evan “SK8BONES”

My first pair of Bones Swiss bearing happened by chance. One day I was skating up and down my driveway and a man pulls up and says "Here take this" and threw the board out on the lawn.It was a Chet Childress Blacklabel Board with Independent Trucks and red Ricta Wheels.But What I didnt know was that I had eight of the best bearings in the world...RED BONES SWISS BEARINGS, and I use them till this day.

— Zack “Corncake” Reyes

I am a new skater and was recomended your product. My teacher says your product is the best ever, she has been using for 30 yrs while teaching skating. I happen to agree and if you ever have a sell please let me know. Your friend,

— Walter Baker

I got Bones Swiss today and they are beastly/godly. I would never stop using Swiss or Bones period top brand period.

— dylsn

Been riding Bones Swiss for many years now. Had my current bearings for over 2 years. I clean them when I get new wheels (ride 48mm ;-) and they always come back to life! I tried Diamond Brand Titanium Bearings and was very disappointed so I cleaned up the Swiss and would rather use 2 less-than-perfect Swiss in one wheel than swap out to the Diamonds. Haha! I ride flat and never have to push :-D Bones Swiss 4 Life!

— Kermi

I bought a set of the Super Swiss Six with my long board over four years ago! and i have used other bearings since then in my board which did not last. they lasted maybe two months before they were done. I would clean those bearings every week trying desperately to have them perform the same as the Super Six's and needless to say I failed miserably! I will NEVER use another brand of bearing again. Bones are the best bearings on the market.

— Nick Klinkers

Bones REDS are no doubt the best bearings ever!!! I was skeptical about the reds at first because lots of people say the are very poor guality. But I took a chance and bought them. And they are great!!! Don't be afraid to buy these! They are perfect for any skateboarder.

— alex “thrash”

I came from China, and my friends sends me a every set of Bones bearings from US. I tried reds, super reds, reds ceramic, super swiss 6, Bone Swiss labyrinth, and Swiss Ceramic.. My team member rides those bearings and none of them has any bad thing to say about bone. Each one of them is amazing, since I'm the captain of team, I get to ride swiss ceramic. I twist my ankle twice because they were too fast to stop...and they last forever..I did not clean those bearings for a year and they rides faster and faster each day. All my team members enjoy the bearings. Thank you so much Bones, hope you guys can come up with new bearings soon..we will very interested to pick them up

— Matthew “Shui” Ito

REDS are insane!! but, if I had a choice between REDS or Super REDS... Super REDS, hands down!!!! I bombed this giant hill, and I felt like i was going to DIE!!!! I was going so fast!! I will always skate Bones Bearings!! They are the best!! REDS don't last very long, but, they go VERY fast for 18.00 bucks, at least that's how much my local skate shop sells them for!! trust me, Bones bearings are worth the money!! the only other bearings i would skate would be lucky swiss!! but, I'm not about to spend 60 some odd bucks on bearings!! I would only spend 60 bucks on Bones bearings!! I don't understand how Christian Hosoi can get so much air on a vert ramp with abec 7 bearings!! i mean, that's nuts!! I had 1 set of abec rated bearings, and they sucked!! always check to see if bearings are skate rated or abec!!!! ROCK ON!!!!

— Daniel “Dan” Millard, ??????

Just got Bones Super REDS a few weeks ago and they run like a breeze! There aren't any other bearing that could beat Bones!

— Paul “Lamer” K

Items 301-320 of 985

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