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My friend gave me his old Bones REDS when he upgraded to the Bones Ceramics. He had them for over a year and longboarded on them everyday. I have had them for 3 years now and i skateboard a lot and they still work WAY good! Bones = best bearings ever.

— Adrian “A-dog”

I got the Swiss Ceramics. Wow. That's all I have to say. They are the best bearings. I don't know what would happen if I couldn't use them and had to go back to lesser bearings; it would be hard. They are, simply put, the best.

— Shaen Stuart

Best bearings ever... smooth roll, long lasting, impact resistance, buy them...buy them...buy them... Bones Swiss for life.

— richard

Bones REDS are the some of the best bearings I have ever had can't wait to get the Swiss Ceramics.

— matt “G”

These bearings freaking rule. I got the Bones REDS and they work amazing. I noticed they slowed down after not using them for the winter, but a quick ride around the block, good as new.
Easy to clean! I got mud in mine and just soaked them in mineral water then dropped some Bones Speed Cream in them and flew! Almost better than new!

— Chris “Kickflip”

REDS are the bomb, mine went through water and mud and they still work.

— Tess

The Swiss bearings are simply amazing. I use mine for longboarding and now going uphill is almost as easy as going downhill. They are super fast and I don't have to clean them ever. I wouldn't ride any other bearings for all the money in the world.

— Christopher Rose

Yo.. Bones Swiss Ceramic is the best bearings I ever ride. After I break them in, they can spin for at least 30 minutes. It's so hard to find these good bearings these days specially in China. I told my boys in the USA to buy it for me and that is the way I got them, you can't get them in China, too expansive and no where to find. Please start to sell them in China, all my boys wants them.

Thank you Bones. Best bearings ever.

— Matthew “Matt” Ito

They're ah, real nice...

— spencer “skinballz” kimball, chisago lakes dude

I LOVE Bones. I just got my first pair and now I'm skating better than ever.

— caleb “skater caleb” jamieson, cjs skatepark and school

Quality and nothing less.

— Dat

My wife gave me a complete new skateboard for my birthday, she choose Bones Reds 608RS and I was amazed how FAST, Efficient and great they are, I though they were the finest and last edition of the BEST Bones bearings, now on the web I see that they are the first listed and cheapest Bones bearing, and trust me I was not sad about that, I was amazed and full of excitement in getting a box of Bones Swiss Ceramics to feel how it feels to fly on a skateboard!!!
trust me I will save any dollar on my pocket to get them! Love Bones bearings and trust me you guys will make my skateboards roll every day of my life.

— kenneth “kao” alfaro, Costa Rica

They ride smooth and they are way better then my old abecs.

— patrick

I got Bones Swiss Ceramics and they are beastly. I don't even have to push... it's effortless! Highly recommended!

— Max “The Boss” Gower, My Own

Dude you guys are the best and I would never switch to any other bearing.

— shawn “cinnamon bunz” gleason, skater

You guys make the best bearings ever. You guys should be the only bearing company, but it would be a monopoly and that's illegal.

— Justin “Chicken hawk”

The only good bearings.

— Phil

I've got the Swiss Laborynths, big ups for the extra shield, great birthday present also. GET EM, BONES

— Brad “B-rad” Christie

Yo mane. Deez burrings rite hurr are da bess damn burrings I evar sk8e ya dig? Hella fass, hella smoof and hella good pricez.

— mitch “mitcherson”, Grape soda Monthly

Woow !!!! I love Bones REDS!!!! Thanks. I love speed rated and I hate Abec!!!! Hoho see ya!!!! and thanks for the best product in the world!!!!
Go skate!!!! I'm from Mexico.

— luis “arochisk8” arochi

Items 321-340 of 985

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