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These bearings are bad to the Bones. I've skated other brands that would cost more, blowout sooner, and weren't even as fast as the REDS (best valued bearings by far!). I only skate bones now and have been for the last 10-15 years. I have the Super Swiss 6-ball bearings in my cruiser which glide like butter. Hopefully some day I'll have a set of the ceramics and hopefully by then they come out with a 6-ball ceramic bearing.

— Brandon

i have tried many types of bearings over the years but have used nothing that compares to Bones Reds.. the absolute best bearings available!!

— Allen “Allie” Spivey, Linkedin

Bones bearings are the best! I have this ultrasound cleaner, that i use to clean them! Then i put some speedcream on them and they roll like a new ones. I do this twice in a year. My bearings just keep going! Thank you to do the best bearings an earth! I can get free bearings from my sponsor, but i like to byu Bones bearings. Because they are the best bearings an earth!!!



— Mikko “Radmike” Koski

Bones bearings are some of the best bearings I've ever skated, obviously the Swiss are the fastest and highest quality bearings ever but even their reds are better then what some other companies call "Swiss" in short either ride bones or go slow

— Jackson “Jax”, Street Vandal

I’ve been riding Bones Bearings for about 12 years now and I can honestly say there hasn’t been a bearing to compete with. I will continue to ride bones till the doc tells me otherwise. Thank you to the people at Bones Bearings for continually making consistent products. PS pop them bearing shields off your ceramics if you want the full effect!!

— Josh Storgaard

It's the best bearings, i bought 4 years ago and it's still rolling good...

— James “Kimo” FASSAIN

Best bearings in the business!

— Jake Ilardi


I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your company.

I've been a long time buyer of bones bearings and can't imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I'd add a little sunshine.

— Tyler “Tj” Kidd

Bones Swiss...the only bearing I ride.

— Kurt

Bones Swiss are my favorite and the only bearings I ride. They help you get speed and keep your speed. They also last a pretty long time so if your anything like me and hate setting up new gear I highly recommend Bones Swiss. Thanks Vern for having my back!

— James Capps

these bearings never go south on me. in the past I've had bearings break after a month, after a week, even in one day. I've yet to have a swiss bearing break. in a situation like a contest of out skating a spot thats a few hours away, you need to rely on your equipment holding up. to have to bring around a santa claus sack of skate goods "just in case" isn't realistic or cost effective. ill just ride the best. ill pick swiss over anything

— chris cole

Bones Swiss are the fastest and strongest bearings that I've ever skated!

— Kevin Kowalski

I love Bones Swiss bearings because I don't have to worry about them crapping out on me. They last forever and go as fast as I need them to.

— Lui Elliott

Better than Swiss chocolate, literally!

— Rodrigo “Tx” Teixeira

My very first set up was stocked with swiss bearing back in 1988. i have toyed with other bearing in my last 25 years of skating but i have always gone back to Swiss because they are simply the best. Fast as hell and smooth like butta. I'm getting anxious to skate just taking about them right now. Peace!

— Aaron “Susk” Suski

Have yet to ride a bearing that was faster or as durable! I never break my Swiss and I break everything!

— Shawn Hale

Best bearings in the world! Don't waste your time or money on anything else but Bones!

— Ryan Decenzo

Bones Swiss are the best bearings

— Pj Ladd

Bones are the Best!!

— Dylan “@JustDylanPerry” Perry, The Boardr

The OGs are the best. Haven't ridden anything else in over a decade.

— Kaspar

Items 21-40 of 1068

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