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Your bearings are the best I've ever seen. I've seen people say that their bearings can beat Bones Bearings and I always prove them wrong.

— thomas “tom” clevenger, under ground

Your bearings are the best ever! The first day I got them they were rolling so fast.

— Tommy “Phyco” Bottemiller

I've had Bones REDS for about 1 year and 5 month and they haven't slowed down. It feels like every time I skate they get fast. Thanks for the high quality bearings.

— victor “jr” ruiz

These bearings make you go zooooooom!!!

— aidon “aids”

Holy sh** friggin amazing.

— Adam

I have Bones Super REDS and all the guys I skate with think they cost like $80 cuz they are so good.

— Mauricio “Mau” Covarrubias

I bought some Bones Swiss Ceramics 2day and they are way better than black panther ceramics.

— Cody

Very fast and good quality bearings... last a long time and my favorite sk8r is a pro of yours (Chris Haslam).

— Jevon “sk8rJsteve” Johnson, phantom sk8 kr3w

After many, many years of riding your bearings I'm still refuse to ride anything else. Keep up the great work!

— cota “cody” ortega

Bones are the best! I just got some new REDS today and they're sick! I love Bones so much. It's worth it. REDS are some of the best and they're so cheap for as good as they are! 100% worth it!

— Jordan

I had bought a pair of your Bones Swiss Bearings about a week ago. Even the store had said they are the best. They just keep getting better and better and they are the only brand I will ride and recommend. Thank you Bones Bearings!!

— Keaton Mackey

These bearings are awesome, they go so damn fast.

— Alex Gaskarth

I got a set of Bones REDS when I was 9. It as the best bearings I could afford. Everything else I ever rode i always got second hand. But I knew I wanted some good bearings. I rode them for years and took good care of them. I still have them and I'm 16 now... I wear them cleaned and strung on a necklace, thanks too all you guys at Bones for making the best bearings possible!

— lynx “jungle juniorme” tz

I used to ride regular bearings until I got a new complete. What used to be cruisin' is now flyin'. Nothing compares.

— Justin “Shookie ”

I got my first set of Bones Swiss with my first board in 6th grade. I rode those bearings for years, and only just replaced them a few months ago with the labyrinths. Those bearings lasted almost 7 years! I cleaned them once per year and they just kept getting better and better, until the very end.. :(

— Max Brodie

After I bought my first longboard, I have changed the bearings to Bones REDS™. The difference was unbelievable... and then when I bought a set of new Bones Ceramic Super REDS™, I decided that I will never ride with another bearings! Thanks Bones® Bearings!

— Gabor Molnar

I would ride just the bearings that my complete set would give me. But when I got a different board from a different store I was able to buy these awesome REDS.

— Collin “Checkers”

Out of all the bearing brands I've ever used, BONES BEARINGS was ALWAYS the best. Last long and not expensive. REDS Are awesome!!

— Jim

Dude, if you need bearings that last long and are hella fast get some Bones REDS or Swiss REDS. I've had mine for a few months or so, and they're still in great shape.

— Matthew

I saved up and bought some Bones Swiss when I was a kid, best bearings I ever had, now that I'm older I'm gonna have to spring for the Bones Swiss Ceramics to try and change all that!

— Jason Carter

Items 401-420 of 985

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