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Best bearings in the biz, since the beginning. I'll never leave until you kick me offf.

— Jordan

Bones Bearings rule! And Vern rules!

— Neal Hendrix

keep on keeping on

— aaron “susk” suski

Love the bearings. they're fast as hell. Keep up the great work

— Chris “Cookie” Colbourn

Best bearings I've ever had.

— Lizzie Armanto

Super hyped!! Thank you for having me on the team. Best bearings! super fast and smooth!!

— Marcos Montoya

Swiss are smooth, can last a lifetime, and fast as hell.

— Myles Willard

I skate swiss because they GO! Pop the shields off and keep on pushing!

— Tommy Werner

I love Swiss bearings !!

— Chany Jeanguenin

Bones Swiss are the best bearings bar none. Swiss bearings are a top of the line Cadillac everything else is a 10 year old used high mileage Kia.

— Mike Sinclair

Bones Swiss are untouchable! They're like Usain Bolt! Lightning fast and always on top.

— Jose “Big Joe Red” Rojo

With the level of skateboarding at its highest performance demand in history, having confidence in your equipment is absolutely essential. Bones bearings are the most reliable bearings on the market and should be considered the industry standard for all others to be measured against. They simply remain fast for as long as you want to ride them which if you take care them can be multiple set ups.

— Dan “Juice Dan” Levy, Juice Magazine

Thanks for making only the best bearings ever!

— Pam “@pamdiazz” Diaz

I ❤ Bones Bearings, the best out!!!'

— Dashawn “D” Jordan

All good

— Sebastian “Sebo” Walker

I've been using bones bearings since I started skateboarding back when I was 15 years old,
In the past 15 years I've tried other bearings and none even compare to bones Swiss.
They are the best bearings out there and I won't skate anything else. I love Bones Swiss!

— Marcelo Bastos

Nothing is better! Heaven sent.

— Levi Brown

Best bearings ever! Love Bones Swiss

— Marcelo Bastos

Best bearings! I am extremely hyped to be riding these bearings, less pushing more speed, more time setting up for tricks, more tricks landed! Love em!

— Terrence “Reemo” Pearson, Bones Bearings

I dig how consistently fast and ready for action my bones bearings always are.....!

— Kevin Marks, Look Back Library

Items 61-80 of 1092

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