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they are good bearings but i find it BS that i rode those bearings in the rain for ten minutes a day for three days a total of 30 minutes and they are rusting and locking up if you live in a place with alot of rain i would not recommend these bearings for you

— nathan

best, I have two months my bones redz bearings and I must say they are very good! I've never had other bearings! I have bones redz offered to all my friends and have already bought four bones redz!

— simon “simontjeeuuh” depaemelaere

Just taking my dog for a walk, enjoying the night breeze. At first I want to take him out with my ripstick. Biggest mistake of the day. I was constantly having to push against the wind. So I take my sector 9 out with bones Swiss bearings thinking that I would have to pedal against the wind 3 to 4 times a block, but I actually go 5 blocks with about 4 to 5 pushes. I've had these bearings for about a year and I just want to let you guys know that I'm still amazed. To coast is to live

— Brian “Hope” Nazar , Summer Life

i love these bearings for 18 bucks mine have lasted me like 2 years and they still ride like brand new

— nate “steez mcgee” martin, max wax co

I upgraded to a set of Swiss Ceramics & had my first session at the skate park 2 days ago. The speed increase was not only noticeable to me. Two guys at the park noticed that my carves had increased in speed & asked if I had new wheels or bearings. I'm very pleased with the quality & performance. It's not hype. Buy these & you'll see for yourself.

— Craig Bargmann

LOVE the bearings, skate them everyday. Keep doing what you're doing. From the UK so don't have $2.00 for stickers but would love some!

A very satisfied skater

— Ollie

I would love to be sponsored by you guys I love your bearings and support you guys, I have a video, I mostly skate mini ramp and street!!


— Tucker Lindsay

Hey guys,
Just wanted to tell you I love your bearings and they are all I use! I would really love some of your stickers. Thank you so much!
Sam Cogburn

— Sam Cogburn

wow the moment i put them on my real penny board i went down a steep hill got a speed woble and fell and broke my arm but i didnt hurt best bearings evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

— steve “pimp” boyce

I felt my reds start to slow down after just over a year (lots of sand and salt still on the roads up here in the northeast left from winter). After replacing them with another set of reds, my friend's bearings went up on her, so I gave her my cleaned old set of reds that I had lying around. She came back from her test ride raving about how much faster they are than her old bearings ever were. So my old used reds beat out some other brand whom I will not mention here. Keep up the good work. Super Swiss Six are next on my list. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

— Tyler

I think the student body at Western should be brought to attention the superiority of bones bearings in comparison with the others. Do you think you could send me some stickers so i can put them on my deck and like on other stuff... . Cheers Mate!

— Thomas “TJ” Phelan, Western University

I love your bearings, The Swiss, The Reds, The Ceramics, ect. Everytime I set-up a bew board I ride your bearings, I love them, they are not noise bearing, they are fast, ect. I never going to ride another Bearings. BONES SWISS FOUR LIFE!

— Marcelo Romero

My Bones Super Reds are amazing they are a huge improvement from my old abecs. It is sort of a pain to clean them but it is definitely worth it to ride these amazing bearings. I love my Bones Reds!

— Ryan Hur

I just want to start off by saying that i love your products. i recently purchased some bones reds and i absolutely loved them! I was wondering if u could send me a few stickers for my board and my helmet i would be very grateful! Charlotte, NC. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Nick Stotts

i love your bearings. they make my board soo smooth to ride and its great. i thank you for such an AMAZING product :D

— kaitlyn “kit kat” azevedo

I still have 2 set of original Bones Swiss bearings in my original oldschool skateboards from 1989-91, and even to this day the roll faster than abec9´s in new boards. Better still, d´the roll fast even after sitting still for a year or more - during studying - they still rolled silently and effertlessly when picked up again.
Still skating at 40+ yrs of age - and still skating my 2 sets of original Swiss bearing.
Kudos - to Bones and the Swiss bearings
Oh - and greetings from Denmark - home of Rune Gliffberg, and now an awesome pool-concrete-skatepark dream come true - rolls like crazy..on the originals :)

— Johannes “Goofie” Knigge

i just for 7 months of bones redz bearing since December 2012 until June 2013 . Some of the redz bearings are not working properly .. I took of the red shield off ...
Now I bought new set of bones swiss bearings at zummiez in canada at mall in burnaby ,bc metrotown mall at june 9 th ,2013. i love the bones swiss bearings. it worth of the money !!

— Precious “crezas” bautista

I've had a set of super Swiss 6 balls for almost a year and a half. After all that time they are incredibly fast still, dry and loud though due to the popped shields. They've gone through sand numerous times and the occasional accidental puddle, and been fine a minute later. Riding these with no grease and shields is the way to go, I don't miss buying bearings.

— Micah

I still have bones swiss I bought over 5 yrs ago! I'm sponsored by a local skate shop & they gave me rush bearings... they suck! I'd rather ride my 5 yr old bones than my brand new rush!

— riche “Riche182” Garza, QuipSkates

I have been riding Bones bearings for years and they have never once failed me. The kind of quality, reliability, and honesty this company puts out is what sets the bar for this generation of skateboarding. Long live Bones and shred on.

— Greg “Kyle” Surr

Items 61-80 of 992

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