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Fast, quality and reliable bearings. Can't go wrong with them. Once you go bones bearings, you can never go back!

— Fabiana Delfino

These bearings are Legendary! Bones Swiss bearings have been the industry standard forever. Trust me, I'm a pro skater so I know. Fast, smooth, and very long lasting, just like me in bed.

— patrick stiener

Best bearings out. Thanks for all the love and support!

— derrick “Dwrexx” wilson, Skate

Unlike other bearings when you think they should start slowing down bones only seem to go faster.

— Kevin Lowry, Skateboarding

Bones Swiss bearings have set the industry standard forever. They continue to stay on top of the game, so I'm sticking with Bones Swiss.

— Cairo

Bones Bearings are simply the best! I've filmed with plenty of pros who are sponsored by other bearing companies but ride Bones Swiss on their own board. What better endorsement can you ask for?

— Templeton “Templeton” Elliott, Mostly Skateboarding

Growing up as a skater in the late 80's, is more than expected to have a strong affiliation and emotional connection with Bones Bearings. But through out the years the quality and precision of it's products, have always secure the top prestige position that they deserve, never letting me down. An authentic skate brand that over the years have reaffirmed it's position giving back to skateboarding, undoubtedly have my respect and definitely from most of the skate community. Thank you Bones for the hard work and commitment.

— Fernando “Tachinha” Freire

I've been skating Bones Swiss bearings for 23+ years, the undisputed champ of the bearing game, no others can come close to the quality and precision. Swiss, ride or die, for life!

— Tyler Tufty

No need to waste money on any other bearings. Bones Swiss are simply the best, most durable bearings out.

— Nate “@greenwouldge” Greenwood

Swiss are the best!

— Jimmy “Chimay” Lannon

Bones Swiss are the best bearings on the planet, nothing else compares

— Lazaro “Laz” Reyes, MIA skateshop

Swiss make the world go 'round.✊

— Tabari

Thanks for making me go fast!!

— Brett Sube, Skateboarding

My son loves to go fast - because faster means more fun - and Bones Bearings have always been reliably fast. In addition, Bones Bearings are durable and perform well for months. Cleaning is easy, especially with a kit available which has instructions and a special bottle. Bones Swiss Bearings are my son's favorite because they allow him to speed through a park, pool, or street setting, connecting parts of a line together that once seemed impossible. For example, he was able to connect a 900 to a 720 because Bones Swiss bearings are really fast.

— Tom

Best bearings I've ever skated. Last forever, very solid, and never blow out. With or with out the shields they never give up on quality. Smoothest ride you can ask for. Even after skating them for months with a little cleaning they are brand new again. 10 out of 10 in my book.

— Mark Del Negro

By far the best bearings in the industry
thank you bones bearings for always keeping me going super fast
Mike Rogers

— Mike “M R” Rogers, grindforlife.org

Bones Bearings are obviously the best. I think the fact that other skaters that ride for other bearing companies still skate Bones Swiss is more than enough of a testimonial as to just how much more superior Bones are to all other skate bearing brands. This is just the truth and coming from a veteran industry insider.

— Tim O'Connor

Why buy hype and bearings that wil only let you down? Spend the extra money and get the fastest and the best skateboard bearings. They don't break like the knock offs. I've been running the same set for over a year and they are still killing it.

— Corey “Duffman” Duffel

they are the best bearings... no doubt about that!

— Bobby

Bones bearings are hands done. Easily the best.

— James “Big dirty” Kelch, HELLA COOL.SBC

Items 81-100 of 1092

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