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As a kid, Bones Swiss were straight up mythical. Like most groms, I cheaped out at first and got German or NMB or whatever budget bearings the shops had, not realizing that I'd have to buy about five pairs to get through a year. I would love to go back and slap my dumb, young self and just buy Swiss from the jump because they are the best bearings out, last the longest, and you can tell a difference immediately.

The first time I rode a pair, I actually felt like I had never really pushed before.

— anthony “The Writer” pappalardo

Bones Swiss are the best bearings out! They last forever and keep you moving super fast. No other bearing comes close.

— R.P. “R.P.” Bess, Protec

Let's just be honest here. There isn't a whole lot to say that hasn't been said. Bones Swiss are the undisputed king of skate bearings. Fast as hell, smooth like Sade, and they last like Kieth Richards.

Why buy crap? Just get some Bones Swiss and be happy on your board!

— Justin “SFA” Maruco

Bones Bearings are the fastest, smoothest, longest lasting ride ever! I have been riding them since I was a kid (i am now 40). Thanks for making the best and only bearings in my eyes out there.

— Neal Mims

If you want to go fast, and want bearings that will withstand the test of time - go Bones.
They're the best bearings hands down!

— Sean Conover

Best bearings in the game!

— Jagger “Jaguar” Eaton

If you are a kid with limited funds, get the REDS, the cleaning bottle and some Speed Cream. If you are a grown - ass man, get the Super Swiss 6, the cleaning bottle and Speed Cream. Now go skate.

— Dale Schultz

I've owned Reds for some time now and I've just got to say they're the best bearings for the price range. Prepare for crazy stupid speed.

— Charlie Garcia

For years, I was the type of cheap skater who thought that the bottom shelf parts were all I needed to complete a good setup. After all, if my bearings always break, why waste money on the slightly more expensive ones? A year ago, after one too many trips to the skateshop for broken bearings, I decided to change it up and try Bones Reds. I'm still riding the same ones now, and the effortless glide is still there even after a year. I cannot express how much of a difference the 2 extra dollars has made; I stopped having to replace my bearings every month and I no longer think twice before ollieing a big gap. Thanks so much for keeping my pushes smooth, and my tricks confident!
Best, Ben

— Benjamin “Ben” Miller

Just Thanx

— Mitch Chandler, Skateboarding

If you have never dropped in on a set of bones swiss, you owe yourself that experience. You will be going stupid fast. Prepare to reach the other end of the ramp or pool with a quickness!

— Guero “Saskwash”

I highly recommend Bones products. I have the Super Swiss 6 ball bearings in 3 of my four skateboards. These bearings plus a set of Bones Rough Riders makes for a nice smooth ride.

— Greg “Greg C.” Clark

Was hooked up with a set of y'alls Swiss Ceramics almost a decade ago.... and I'm JUST NOW having to replace them. These bearings have outlasted countless decks, pairs of shoes, you name it.. ..Sure they're $140, but consider the fact that these bad boys will last 100x longer than anything else around.. in the long run they're actually cheaper. Its sad to see them go. Will be looking into getting another set soon.

— Chris Wells

I use to buy the cheap $20 - $30 ABEC 7 bearings from all kinds of different brands. Sometimes I would get lucky and get a decent roll and life out of the bearing. Then one day I decided to give the Bones® Swiss Bearings a try. The first ride is so smooth and fast. They rode like no other bearing Ive ridden.

Now I only buy Bones® Swiss Bearings once a year and at the end of the year they still ride fast. These bearing last forever I just buy a new set every year cause who doesnt like new stuff. I have given used sets to my friends and Im sure they still roll. If you dont have a whole lot of cash I would still say wait and save your money for Bones® Swiss Bearings. The investment is will worth it.

— Andrew “Andrew”

I got a set of bones reds off my mate second hand and have lasted me almost two years, only now they are starting to fail. For how long they last and for how smooth they are they're amazing, well worth the investment.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for writing. Glad you had a good experience. We've built REDS to be easy to clean and re-lube. Go here to see how.

— Jack “Jacko”

I set up the new extended race bearings and they pretty much make every bearing you make useless.......

Tightened down harder than I ever have, and they run forever.

not sure how they'll hold up but I expect well.....

Take it to the traditional market before someone else does....one of the best products I've seen out of Powell.


PS bring back ditchtech and do not publish.

— Jef “Choy”

I've skated since a kid, but never too serious, I just like to putt around. Yesterday was the first time I assembled my own entire board with bones swiss bearings……. it felt like the first time in my life that I was cruising on the beach like someone should be.

— Marko

I have ridden Bones Bearings for well over 25 years! I have set of Bones Ceramics that are over 20 years old and still going strong! I just contacted customer service and you guys are incredible.
The best bearings and customer service in the industry and I will never switch and recommend Bones Bearings 100 Percent!
Thank you so much and ALOHA!

— Joel “Slippahjoe” Nonaka

I'm 37 years old and I've been skateboarding for decades. In all that time I've been through countless sets of different bearings, but once I locked onto a set of Bones Swiss my skateboarding took on a life of its own. Saying these bearings are fast is an understatement, the shear quality shows time after time without fail. You want the best? Better get Bones Swiss.. Proven long lasting quality. Don't take my word for it, get a set...

— Matthew Brazier

I literally came here just because i spun my old bones bearings, that i hadnt touched in years, and they spun so incredibly good. incredible isnt even the word for it. they literally spin so good that it like defies logic. i dont understand how they are so friction-less. words cant describe how much better they are than all other companies. i would never use any other company since i first tried them 15 years ago. i think my bearrings are like bones precisions from like 11 years ago and they are better than they were new. everytime they get rusted from rain skating, they just get rebroken in after a day of skating. i swear they get better with time. never seen anyone break them, or ruin them, even from the roughest or rainiest skating.

— mike

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