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i have a pair of ceramics and i just whip around!!!!

— oliver “stonebag”

Bones bearings are the sh*t. There really isn't much else to say.

— Andrew “Mandrew ” Bookhoop

I have owned a set of original gold shield Bones Swiss for the last 15 years. They ride great to this day!! They survived 4 years of me throwing myself of drops and hard skating and a little over 10 years of skating whenever i can w/o life getting in the way. I recommend them to anyone that asks because they are that good!! Thanks for making such long lasting bearings

— Chris “Metal” Clark

First off I want to say thanks for making the best bearings available. I've used Bones on all three of my longboards and no matter if I ride downhill or freeride these bearings are my top choice. They've got great quality for a great price. I was also wondering if there's anything I could do to help spread the company name because no one here in the South really longboards and I just want to help people in choosing the right hardware if they do decide to start riding. Anyways thanks again for the great products and stay rad.

Hunter Allen

— Hunter Allen

Best bearings ever. I'll never ride anything else.

— Gage “ilovebones” Taylor, sbkta

I've been riding Bnes for years now and wouldn't ever go back to others.

— Jesse Boswell

yo i would like to say that i use reds all the time and they work great thanks guys ^.^

— dom “lt.joker” lillie

I love the bearings, the prices, the cleanability, and the accessibility. They last and they're the only bearings I will ever use and buy. Perfect for how I ride and when I ride. No complaints. They do everything they need and more.

— Isaac “Boo” Martinez

I just wanted to let you know that your page on how to clean bearings is awesome. I really appreciate the time that you guys took to inform us in a simple and easy but still detailed manner on how to clean bearings. I recently bought the Bones Swiss bearings which work beautifully. I can't wait to clean them and see even better results. Thank you very much!

— Quenten “Q” Fisher

Bones are so good. They are my racing bearing of choice.

— g-reg

Thank you so much for making these bearings. I ride Bones Swiss Ceramic and I love them so much. They're super fast and they last so long! Once again, thanks for making these amazing bearings.

— Ryan Johns

I skated Bones REDS and mistakenly switched to another brand. To my surprise, it never had the same performance with the REDS. I'm back using REDS and I'm not looking back.

— jshnrz

Bones REDS are awesome. I love them.

— Jer

Love these bearings!!!!

— ayden “swagger”, powell peralta

I love REDS. Nothing can match the speed and strength and unmatched quality.

— cody “speedygonzalez” mcclain, just a longboarder

I skate Bones REDS and they are TASTY!

— Justice “J-Single” Large

I ride Bones Swiss Six and Bones REDS, the best bearings I've ever had!

— andrianto “real andri” sasmita, holy skateboard

Bones Swiss Six bearings are fast. You will be pushing easy. I've skating them for a year. Best bearings.

— Kelvin “kel” Nieves

Bones Bearings are simply the best. I'm riding REDS which are way better than any other bearing in that price-range, but soon I'm gonna buy a set of Swiss Ceramics!

— Thomas

I own a set of Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings and love them so much. Best bearings ever.

— Devon “D” Schamp

Items 81-100 of 985

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