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Hey Bone's,

My name is Treaven Mitchell. I'm 24 years old and I've been a skateboarder for over 12 years now. I've used Bones Bearings as long as I can remember. I even sold your bearings when I ran my own skate shop. My main reason for contacting you today is because I just recently released a short documentary that has been accepted by two film fesitvals this year. I am the main star in the film and it goes into how skateboarding and family helped me cope with my fathers murder in 2009. I just wanted to share this with you since I use your products. Thank you for the many years of the best bearings out there. I'm currently using the Ceramics and the Labrynth bearings in my two decks. Here is the link to the film. Sangloe.com/lockandroll Thank you.

Bones Bearings

Treaven, thanks for your support. Good luck with your film.

— Treaven Mitchell

Just got some Bones Redz for my new custom Lush Globe 41" longboard... They are amazing! Long spin time and they work a dream - would recommend them to anyone! (and you get a shiny sticker!)

— Greg “Greggy”

The best bearings I have ever used, been skating bones swiss for years now and I love them!
Pops to bones for being such a rad company!

— tucker “tmicester” dundas

I'd just love to say, Bones Bearings are without a doubt in my mind the best bearings I have ever ridden. Started with Reds and worked my way up to Swiss Creamics which have lasted me 5 years now and are still spinning like new. Thank you for the effort and manufacturing you guys have put into Bones, your work truly shows!

— Austin Davis

Love my reds

— Todd Wilbur

Bones Super Reds change my life! these are the most fastest and resistant bearings i used

— enrique “neg” gr

Bought some bones red and gave them to a friend. His board is now much faster than mine... Thanks bones... :P

— Garrett “Garrett” Riley

Quite simply the fastest most durable bearings on the market. I use them for inline hockey. The speed of these bearings right out of the box is unparalleled!!! Once you hit max speed you can maintain that speed for what seems like forever. Once completely broken in forget about it! I've used these bearings for a decade and am still on the original set. Just can't be beaten. Worth every penny!

— Jon

started out on ABEC 7 bearings that came with my first pare of inlinesnwhich at the time i thought was good
bought a pare of rollerblade fusion 84s with skater grade 9s ldottle netter they were but i wanted more

i got some bomes swissmbearings after a little reading amd have to saw not only am i impressed at the way they roll and how smooth they are but how impressed my friends are

top stuff nomes swiss

— Jakeb, recreational Inline skater

I think you guys are the best bearing and wheels ever!!!!!!!

— zach “zack attack” white

bones bearings are awesome i dont think i will ever buy any other crap ever!!!

— Jaiden

Bones are the best! Give them a nice clean once in a while and you'll be rolling as fast as you can. It really grows on you

— Rafael “Rajada” Milano

First of all i love these bearings. Iv'e tried many other but are to hard to open the shields and are abec rated. ( i don't like that system.). Iv'e been skating for about 1 1/2 years and iv'e seen the good work between all i skate reds or swiss ceramics i like ceramics for there reliability. there easy to clean. and are nice and smooth. the only thing i haven't got my hands are super reds iv'e been waiting to try them. But im looking for a nice ranged price set of bearings. im hopefully getting some this year . I love your bearings and i hope your still a strong amazing company with your products.

— Ali “Paco” Zelaya

I ride Bones REDS and it's probably the best stuff I've rode.

— Edwin “Sed” Tse

Best Bearings for your buck.

— Dawson

I have been using a set of bones red bearings for a year and a half now. They have been heavily used in rain, mud, hail, and snow in the next couple of months. I just wanted to say thank you for not failing when I need my board the most traveling from California to Oregon. I saw that I could buy stickers by sending $2. Buy is there any way I could buy a couple vinyl posters? Thanks again


— Kalyb “Kalyb” Goodnight

they are good bearings but i find it BS that i rode those bearings in the rain for ten minutes a day for three days a total of 30 minutes and they are rusting and locking up if you live in a place with alot of rain i would not recommend these bearings for you

— nathan

best, I have two months my bones redz bearings and I must say they are very good! I've never had other bearings! I have bones redz offered to all my friends and have already bought four bones redz!

— simon “simontjeeuuh” depaemelaere

Just taking my dog for a walk, enjoying the night breeze. At first I want to take him out with my ripstick. Biggest mistake of the day. I was constantly having to push against the wind. So I take my sector 9 out with bones Swiss bearings thinking that I would have to pedal against the wind 3 to 4 times a block, but I actually go 5 blocks with about 4 to 5 pushes. I've had these bearings for about a year and I just want to let you guys know that I'm still amazed. To coast is to live

— Brian “Hope” Nazar , Summer Life

i love these bearings for 18 bucks mine have lasted me like 2 years and they still ride like brand new

— nate “steez mcgee” martin, max wax co

Items 121-140 of 1068

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