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I haven't skated for 2 years I go to my grandmas and there's a skate park so I decided to give it a try again.so I went to my closest skateboard shop and asked for some bearings but I didn't know nothing about bearings. I wanted some good bearings but cheap. They told me to get REDS I got them and now rocking them in the skate park.

— kevin alvarez

I made the purchase of the 6 balls. DAYYYUMMMN. So good!

— Jake “karen” Fry

I first heard of these bearings at my local skatepark. So I' getting a new board and I'm like, REDS!!!! And so far they have been the most reliable bearings I ever tried. And I'm probably going to be sticking with Bones without a doubt.

— joel “jelly” mcclure

I've had 2 set of REDS Ceramics, they lasted almost a whole summer till a few of the ball bearings cracked because I skated to hard with them, so instead I got Super Swiss 6's for about the same price and since then I haven't bought a different set of bearings. Thanks to you guys who make the best bearing out there.

— kyler

I skated with Black Panther abec 5's for quite a while and recently switched to Super Redz. What a HUGE difference! Overall smoother and faster! Hopefully I'll get a set of Super Swiss 6's for Christmas!

— Fat Nat

Always Bones REDS for me. Have never even tried any others because I cant see how they could possibly be better. Whether bombing hills or slamming in the town centre they are always perfect and outlast every set up I've ever had.

Thanks Bones dudes!

— craig “tacc” brown

When I was a wee youngin' my grandma had a stroke, I was currently in catholic school and I received a phone call from my mother during class explaining she had no more then a few minutes to live whilst on her hospital bed. My priest looked in my worrying eyes and said "Godspeed my Boy" and handed me his skateboard setup with Swiss bearings and a bible with the Bones Swiss emblem on it. I flew at the speed of a bat outta hell with my priests board, God and Satan watched and applauded in awe as I exceeded 40mph flat ground to the hospital. Except I did not stop at hospital and with no regret raced to the skatepark flatenning large bugs with my face much like a car windshield on a freeway. My grandmother still smiles at me today when I purchase Bones Swiss bearings.

— Harry

I just bought my first longboard and I got Bones Super REDS and they are amazing!!!!!!!

— Jack “Attack”

If you are considering buying a pair of Bones Bearings, but aren't sure and are reading all the testimonials, just stop here. THEY ARE THE BEST. End of.

— Andrew

Hey I just got some Bones Swiss bearings a few weeks ago. Right after I got them I lubed them with speed cream and put them in my wheels. Just 3 days ago my friend got Shake Junt bearings and did the same. We're kind of competitive so we always try to see who's bearings are faster. I don't live anywhere near a skatepark and only get to go to one about once a month, so my bearings are not broken in yet. He lives colser to the skatepark and goes every weekend, and his are broken in. And when we have "Bearing Contests", I still always win.

— Gunnar Ellis

Can't believe how smooth and durable Super REDS are. :D

— Ed

The best of the best!!!


I had 2 sets of REDS in the past years and I always loved them but after almost 13 years of skating finally I got SWISS yesterday. They're fast as s**t!

— Ignacio “Moon” Nuñez

First off, your your products far surpass any other company out there! I have had the same set of Bones Swiss bearings for at least the past 10 years, i have ridden in the rain the dirt, you name it and they are still like brand new! They have lasted me through 4 decks! I just recently purchased a long board and absolutely had to set it up with the Swiss bearings, I swear by them....Keep up the great work with your top-notch products!
Your satisfied costumer,

— Mike “Duane” Hannay

The first set of good bearings I had was back in seventh grade. I got REDS on my board for my birthday, and I started getting more serious with my skating. I'm now a freshman in college, and I've busted two decks and three bearings since I got here about a month ago. The decks are understandable, but after three bearing replacements, I decided to go into my stash and get the bearings that never failed. I washed some old grease off the six year old REDS, and set them up. They still ride like the day I got them, and I think they'll probably last the rest of my college career (and if not, $15 to replace the whole set isn't bad…). Thanks a million from the East Coast!

— Geoff

Our team recently headed to Ottawa to get some hill bombing footage, so I picked up a set of REDS for the price and I can tell you, I've never gone faster down a hill. Thanks for the awesome bearings!

— Topher, CoW Longboarding

I have Bones Swiss on my longboard and when ever I race my friends down hills I always win, even if they start before me.

— Tolga “TDAWG”

I have the Super Swiss 6 bearings and I love it! But I wanna make a suggestion. You guys should make another ceramic bearing but with the 6 ball bearings in it. If you guys could do that, I'd be psyched!

— Kevin Alano

I recently purchased my first longboard, having skated short for 35 years. I ordered a set of Bones bearings and all the cleaning stuff.

While waiting for delivery, I have looking through your web site .... and I already feel like one of the "Bones Family". I have learned a shitload about cleaning and maintenance that I never knew. I really feel like you guys care!

I can't wait to start putting all this new knowledge into practice.

Many thanks in advance,

— Giles “Julio” Ashford

You guys make some awesome bearings!

— Michael

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