Bones Bearings


The Best Skateboard Bearings

Al Davis

Backside Nosegrind Fakie
Al Davis




  • Willy Lara
  • Allysha Le
  • Kevin Liedtke
  • Manuel Margreiter
  • Alex Midler
  • Zach Miller
  • Marcos Montoya
  • Mark Del Negro
  • Gavin Nolan
  • Donovon Piscopo
  • Berronte Ramirez
  • Anakin Senn
  • Simon Stricker
  • Derrick Wilson
  • Zion Wright


“Couldn't decide whether to buy Bones Swiss Six or Bones Swiss Ceramics because they each have their own advantages (one has six balls for less friction and the other ceramic balls for more durability and less heat). So why don't you guys make Bones Swiss Six Ceramics? Wouldn't those be the fastest a...”

— Timothy “Tim”

“I just got these and there great! They're stronger than ever and smoother too. Some bearings just gets smooth the first couple of weeks but Bones Super REDS or any type of Bones
they are smooth until forever and I want to tell everyone about it. I hope everyone enjoys it. Keep it up everyone!!!


— ryo “yo” sawa
Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings

The standard by which all other bearings are measured.

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings have the best reputation in the skateboard industry and have had this honor since 1981, due to their performance and quality. Everyone who rides Swiss knows how fast they are and how long they last. Testimonials reveal them lasting several times longer than low cost bearings. Skaters who use Bones Swiss do so because they want the very best equipment they can get and know the difference between ordinary and exceptional. Our team is a who’s who of top skaters and we are proud to be associated with each one of them.