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Hi my name is Jonathan I recently bought some reds and they are so smooth my old bearings would make so much noise even after i cleaned and lubricated them but with reds there quiet and pretty fast not to mention i feel more confident riding them because of how solid they feel. I love these bearings 10 outta 10 I would definitely recommend them if your looking for new bearings.

— Jonathan Cedillo

Hey folks , I hope this doesn’t come off to goofy and whatnot. I am about to be 36 and 18 years ago I bought my first pair of bones Swiss bearings. I bought more because after all the speed cream decks wheels and trucks gone through back home in Las Vegas as well as ten years in gnar of Oklahoma I finally managed to have a few go out and break on me. Super drawn out I but thanks man it’s stuff like this that keeps a cat skateboarding and repping their brands. Sincerely Ryan Templeton wood pusher for life and skateboarding sponsor until then as well.

— Ryan Templeton

When I walked into the skateboard shop for TWO eight packs of Swiss BONES, the twenty-somethings were kind enough to explain I would only need one. I laughed and replied that I'm a roller skater who remembered what bearings my older brother had used to skateboard, when we were young. Ten years later, those same bearings (with regular maintenance) are still going strong. They get ridden at least once a week, and I'll never regret my little bit of brand loyalty.

Hey, how about some ladies cut Bones Brigade shirts?

— Tiffani “Starrs” Brooks

Day and night difference! Hands down best bearings out there. I used to always get cheaper abec9 bearing and thought they were just fine, witch they are OK......but these bones swiss!! So quiet and smooth will not ride anything else going forward!

— Kyle Shakeshaft

Hey guys! I started skating about a year back and I got a complete board from some random website, and it was complete crap. I decided to sell it, and buy my own materials and build my own board. A friend recommended your bearings, and I cannot tell you how glad I am I chose your bearings. The ride I get on these is amazing. Thanks for being such a great company, and if there’s any way I can represent you guys I would love to. Thanks again!

— Kaleb Cramblett

Skated heavily, mostly vert at parks, for 10 years on a single set of Swiss ceramic. Stored for 5 years of no use and just put them back in wheels with new lube, spinning perfectly fast and smooth still. Amazing quality!

— Will

I have been skateboarding for a Since I was 8. my first set of bearings where bones reds. I have ONLY skated bones products since. I have NEVER had a problem. they go out after a while but thats to be expected. I LOVE your products and will always use your bearings! I am recently learning to love your wheels too!!!

— Branden Taylor

I feel live I’ve tried so many bearings to try and achieve peak speed when skating , let me say there is a reason why everyone compares themselves to bones . Lower quality bearings try to compare to Reds while top of the line compare themselves to Swiss. Let me just say ,”There is no comparison” bones makes the very best bearings on the market hands down . I’m very fortunate in my 13 years of skating to have used Reds, Super Reds , Red big ball , Red Ceramics , Swiss , and Super Swiss 6 . Hands down the best bang for your buck don’t waste time like I did trying out the competitions bearings they aren’t the same . Bones has that special sauce that will make you glide .

— Alex “Shredder” Gomez

Best bearings in the world. Thanks

— A haneef

Swiss are the best- unmatched in speed & durability. I have a quiver of boards with some Swiss over 5 years old. With regular maintenance, your Swiss will last forever.

— Alex Dedote

I’ve had my Bones Swiss for over 6 years now...STILL ROLLING STRONG!!! I’ve tried other bearings and have come to the conclusion that NOTHING COMPARES TO BONES!!!!!!

— Carlos “CeeLosFigg” Figueroa

I've been riding Bones Bearings for almost 30 years nows, mostly the regular Swiss. Yet I've tried every series they off and can swear by them all, every time. Super Six Swiss are probably my favorite, yet if you're rolling on Bones Bearings, any type, you're rolling smoother and faster than other bearings on the market....(and for good measure, I've tried some of those too). Bones are the best!

— Erik Conn

I skated bones as a kid in the 80’s and then as I grew I tried many different brands but nothing comes close to bones Swiss barrings! No matter which bones you ride you will never be disappointed! They are the best you can buy and I’m definitely never going to ride anything else!

— Bryan copeland

I have about a dozen different setups...long, Park, Street... however as the bearings wear out I only replace them with bones 6 balls...nothing else will do in my opinion!!

— Anthony “Twinkle toes Jones” Jones

I cannot fault the SwissSuper6Balls. They are super fast, hard wearing, and don’t get gummed up like some other brands. I have been riding mine for 7 years straight and I still haven’t the need to clean them!

— Paul

Hello I'm Danny and I am a long time hardworking fan of Bones Bearings. I have been ripping on your brand for many years now. I a huge fan of Bones. I absolutely love the quality and durability of your brand. I love the insane amount of speed I am able to pick up while using my Bones "RED" Bearings these are a few of the main reasons why I strongly stand behind Bones Bearings. Bones Bearings are the "Cream of the Crop" they are the upper echelon and honestly there is no comparison when it comes to bearings.Your Bones "REDS" are worth every single cent. I have yet to be let down by the Bones Brand in which this day and age says alot. It seems like there are a lot of companies unlike you who have long forgotten about customer loyalty and appreciation. I live on the East Coast in New Jersey.Thank you so much for your time and support and have a great day. Thanks again for everything and keep up the killer work. You guys are so rad!!!!!
Danny McLaughlin

— Daniel “Lunch Meat” McLaughlin, Destruction

It was so dope! I'm from Malaysia by the way and i ride longboard. Bones bearings is like a gold to my deck, and i love the speed! Am looking forward for the ceramics, when i can afford it. What can i say about being a university students who can afford only foods. Haha


I feel like I'll have really made it in life when I can walk into a shop an buy a pair of Swiss without any thought to the cost. Until then, I am just glad they last so long! Bones for life!

— Jennifer Gilley

These are the best damn bearing I've ever used, they roll smoother than any other bearing I've ever used and the last longer. They're just an over all better quality bearing than any other brand out there.

— Kirklin “Krook” Macias

My Bones Swiss lasted me good 5 years, then I tried some Bronson G3 and it was the worst experience ever. Can´t wait to get some Swiss again!

— Ignacio “Moon” Nuñez

Items 1-20 of 1068

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