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Bones Swiss Bearings make me zoom at the park and my skating has changed since purchasing these babies!

— Johnothan “JohnK” Kachmar

I've only been skating for about 3 years. but i was surrounded by it since I was a kid. my dad and his siblings all skated, and their weapon of choice? bones bearings. so when i started skating cause of my older brother I asked him what he and dad skated and he bought me my first pair of bones bearings from our local shop, paradigm skate supply. I've tried other bearings in the past. but I always had a pack of big balls in my dresser. always.

— Hinckley “stink” Buchanan, slackers board co.

We all know Swiss Bones Rule but Speed Cream saved my marriage! Our new fan not a month old started squeaking bothering me greatly new I wouldn't be able to sleep with the noise the wife denied the squeak but it sounded like the fan sucked up a entire backyard of crickets but no way she would let me turn it off "sleep in the other room" was the response instead with a straw I was able to channel some of my speed cream that every skater should have on hand to the right area and silence! squeak came back after a few days but reapplying more speed cream did the trick and we can sleep happy together thank you Bones so much for letting me rip during the day and relax at night

— Matthew Mckinnon

Love my reds bearings went off tried other brands and came back to the ones I started with true quality that can’t be beat

— Thomas Preszcator, Slipzwax

Bones bearings are the only bearings I will use on the boards I build, combined with Paris RKP trucks and Hawgs 60mm Chubbies the ride is fast, smooth and lively.

— Mark “Mark” Collins, VALLEY BOARDS

I have been skating Bones for well over 10 years. Hands down, they're great! I honestly haven't skated anything since. I used to get tired of my Lucky bearings always breaking. Once I switched, I've never looked back. I like the stability. I'm down with the Bones.

— Raven “Ray” Love

I am a person with a disability, I am missing my left leg and the Bones Swiss bearings have helped me a lot with their speed and performance. I think that without good bearings like these, what I have learned in adapted skateboarding would not be possible.
I thank this brand for such excellent bearings

— Anyelo “Gangelo” Hernández

Best bearings ever I’ve Ben skating them fire 3 years

— Yosef “Joseph” Hakimi

Rolled on reds for years. One time a friend tried to get me to try out his no name ceramics. So, we swapped our bearings. He was so blown away, he wouldn't give them back! His ceramics were gritty to ride on. As soon as a got back home switched them out for reds. Never did get my bearings back! Will never ride an other! Peace

— Bill “Wrhsonwheels” Martines

Just retired my Swiss bearings after 7 years! Still running them on my secondary board. Point is, if you clean and take care of them, they will last years! Supreme.

— Adam Nichols, Madison Old Man Skate Cartel

been skating reds since 2011 never let me down. Use reds with every single one of my boards. Happy 25 years????

— Isaiah Rubio

I feel lucky to be wearing the bones swiss ceramics :) they slip a lot!!!

— Francis Morandi e Silva

It is really great to be able to read all of the awesome reviews by people that really appreciate bones bearings. The variety of individuals opened my eyes to the breadth of the market. The quality that stands most is the craftsmanship of the bearings and the availability of replacement parts. The cleaning canister along with speed cream are another aspect that really shows bones stands behind their bearings.

— Joe

I have bones reds on my street setup and cruiser/transition setup and they have lasted me over a year. They are the most reliable bearing I have used and I’ll definitely be buying more in the future.

— Harold Keaton

Bones Bearings are by far the best bearings on the market. Keep em' clean and they will not let you down. Myself & my 3 children aged 11, 6 & 5, that's ALL we ride!


I just wanted to thank you for a great product. I use your bearings in my wheelchair rugby, chair ( aka Murderball). They hold up to far better than any other bearing for damage inflicted on them.

— Joshua McFadden

Hi my name is Jonathan I recently bought some reds and they are so smooth my old bearings would make so much noise even after i cleaned and lubricated them but with reds there quiet and pretty fast not to mention i feel more confident riding them because of how solid they feel. I love these bearings 10 outta 10 I would definitely recommend them if your looking for new bearings.

— Jonathan Cedillo

Hey folks , I hope this doesn’t come off to goofy and whatnot. I am about to be 36 and 18 years ago I bought my first pair of bones Swiss bearings. I bought more because after all the speed cream decks wheels and trucks gone through back home in Las Vegas as well as ten years in gnar of Oklahoma I finally managed to have a few go out and break on me. Super drawn out I but thanks man it’s stuff like this that keeps a cat skateboarding and repping their brands. Sincerely Ryan Templeton wood pusher for life and skateboarding sponsor until then as well.

— Ryan Templeton

When I walked into the skateboard shop for TWO eight packs of Swiss BONES, the twenty-somethings were kind enough to explain I would only need one. I laughed and replied that I'm a roller skater who remembered what bearings my older brother had used to skateboard, when we were young. Ten years later, those same bearings (with regular maintenance) are still going strong. They get ridden at least once a week, and I'll never regret my little bit of brand loyalty.

Hey, how about some ladies cut Bones Brigade shirts?

— Tiffani “Starrs” Brooks

Day and night difference! Hands down best bearings out there. I used to always get cheaper abec9 bearing and thought they were just fine, witch they are OK......but these bones swiss!! So quiet and smooth will not ride anything else going forward!

— Kyle Shakeshaft

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