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Kevin Kowalski

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“My first real skateboard bought from a friend had the bearings that I will forever use, Bones REDS. I refuse to skate with anything else, if it doesn't at least have REDS, get it away from me. Want to own and try all of Bones bearings, especially Bones Swiss Ceramics and Swiss Super Sixes but until ...”

— Andrew “Jack”

“Quite simply the fastest most durable bearings on the market. I use them for inline hockey. The speed of these bearings right out of the box is unparalleled!!! Once you hit max speed you can maintain that speed for what seems like forever. Once completely broken in forget about it! I've used these b...”

— Jon
Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings

The standard by which all other bearings are measured.

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings have the best reputation in the skateboard industry and have had this honor since 1981, due to their performance and quality. Everyone who rides Swiss knows how fast they are and how long they last. Testimonials reveal them lasting several times longer than low cost bearings. Skaters who use Bones Swiss do so because they want the very best equipment they can get and know the difference between ordinary and exceptional. Our team is a who’s who of top skaters and we are proud to be associated with each one of them.