Bones® BIG BALLS™ REDS® Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

Bones® BIG BALLS™ REDS® Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

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Bones® BIG BALLS™ REDS® Skateboard Bearings 8 pack

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BrandBones Bearings

BIG BALLS, the newest member of our REDS family.  BIG BALLS are engineered to roll faster and last longer by using 6, 17% larger balls, like our legendary Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings.  These larger balls let you roll faster, and keep rolling right through dirt that slows smaller balls down.  This makes BIG BALLS a great choice for skaters looking for more speed and longer life in their bearings.

Skaters have made the Bones REDS family of bearings their #1 choice because of the consistent quality, speed, durability, and value.


  • Higher top speed
  • Greater strength
  • Longer life
  • Easy cleaning
  • Light weight
  • Skate Rated™ design


  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Instructions
  • Sticker

How to Install Bearings Into Your Skateboard Wheels


Product Videos

  • BIG BALLS- Animation
  • BIG BALLS- Evan and Chris


Customer Reviews

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Favorite Bearings Review by David
These are by far my favorite bearings for under $30. Noticeably faster than regular reds. My "go-to" bearings (Posted on 1/23/2020)
Bones® BIG BALLS™ REDS® Review by ian
These are some of the best bearings ever, must have they are very durable not squeaky and ride super fast! (Posted on 11/15/2019)
No hype. Just a better design which allows you to go faster Review by Scott
My super swiss 6 have lasted 5+years now(with proper cleaning and lube). Just got the less expensive reds big balls for another setup. Same rollercoaster-like feeling that I just dont get with any other bearing that I have used. Noticeable increase in speed whether dropping in or bombing hills. I guess the only bad thing about em is that you dont have as much time to think about what youre gonna do when you hit the next wall. (Posted on 11/9/2019)
BIG BALLS Review by David
These bearings were gifted to me. Thank you for that SkateOne. Super grateful! Can’t thank you guys enough for everything you do. Seriously! Much appreciated. Thank you for keeping the stoke alive. (Posted on 11/7/2019)
Amazing alternative to Swiss Review by Chris
Noticably smoother than the regular reds these are a great cheaper alternative to the swiss bearings. The cover color a refreshing change as well. (Posted on 9/26/2019)
Awesome bearings Review by Austin
Just put a new set of Bones BIG BALLS REDS bearings in my Spitfire Formula Four wheels (sorry, Bones Bearings, but I promise the wheels on my secondary/backup board will be Bones Linear 54-mm 81B SPF Fatties) on my ReVive deck + Venture trucks yesterday and skated them for the first time this morning. I usually warm up by just pushing and carving for about 15–30 minutes first, but the ride with the new BIG BALLS REDS bearings was so buttery smooth I just wanted to do nothing but push and carve which I ended up doing for 90 minutes before starting what I went out to do (practice ollies — I’m a relatively new skater). Some of the lubricant had seeped out of the bearings and into the packaging (perhaps due to being on the shelf), which I compensated for by dropping in a couple drops of Bones Speed Cream RF in each bearing before installing, and the result is an unbelievably smooth, totally silent ride (except for low-key roll of the wheels on concrete). These bearings are amazing, not just for the price point but amazing period. (Posted on 9/2/2019)
As good as Swiss Super Six Review by Daniel
I’m coming straight off the SS6 and these are just as good for half the price. Personally I’ve found the bigger balls to be better than the traditional 7. I have the original Swiss and have had plenty of reds but because of the bigger races on SS6 and big balls, I’ve found that they last longer and they’re stronger from side to side play. They’re also faster and smoother. Glad big balls are an option when I’m feeling thrifty. (Posted on 8/4/2019)
Weirdo Review by Brian Eichert
The best bearings for your buck IMO (Posted on 7/3/2019)
Smooth cruisin’ Review by Josh
These new ones are no joke! Super smooth clean ride! Really excited to try out something new from bones. You will not be bummed one bit on this purchase. Have some balls and get the BIG BALLS! (Posted on 6/20/2019)
Hope you can handle BIG BALLS Review by Kennyayo
I've been searching far and wide for the perfect bearings. I think i have tested all the most popular brands. BONES is forever the king in the game, the godfather, the real O.G, P.i.m.p. Noe one can beat the bearings Bones makes. I've been loyal to the Super Swiss Six bearings for some time, they are buy far the best bearings i have tried. These bad boys are basically the same at a lower price, not sure if they last as long, but my bet are, they do.
I use these big balls on a different setup than the Super Swiss Six, but as far as i can tell, these preform just as well. BONES FOR LIFE. (Posted on 6/10/2019)

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