Interview by Jose HamburgerWhats up J-lay, can you tell us about how you got on Bones Swiss? I honestly don't even know how i got on. Probably through Billy Marks or Krolick. I remember just shooting a photo with Deville and next I saw it was a Swiss ad.How long have you known Bones Swiss were the best bearings out there? Been riding em' since I was a kid so I stuck with em.'What was your first Swiss ad? Nosegrind a hubba in Yorba Linda at a church. I think that's the only Swiss ad I've had.Where are you from? Murrieta, CA. But I've been in Long beach for 5 years now.What's new with you Johnny, what have you been up to? Same ol shit...Skating with all the Toy and Furnace homies, NBA TV non stop, traveling when trips come up, and finishing up a Thrasher interview.Are you filming for anything currently? Toy Promo and maybe a Vans Video.Any trips coming up? Hopefully some exotic spot with Vans. They always go to some crazy place. Toy Machine will probably do a summer trip through the Midwest. Camping trips when they're going down.Current Board setup? Toy Machine Monster, Mob, Thieves, Pig 53s, Bones Swiss.Favorite skatepark? Eldo!Favorite skatespot of all time? Downhill red curb at Donald Graham, that's where I would skate everyday for years when I first started skating.Tight or Loose trucks? LooseAre you a youtube lurker? Nope, but that shit will suck you in for hours!Favorite Food? BBQ in the southMusic that gets you syked? Neil YoungCrew your normally roll out with on a skate mission? Kevin Barnett, Matt B, Jordan, Greg Crain, Toolbox, Grifdog, Austin, Dan Lu, list goes on, all the homies and whoever down to skate that day.Person that you just can't seem to beat in a game of skate? Ginger Jordan Fucker is to damn good.Weakest trend in skating right now? I dunno man.Favorite thing about riding for Bones Swiss? Not having to buy them. haha.Earliest memories of skating? Getting the wind knocked out of me for the first time.Any advice for kids out there trying to make it? Be patient and be yourself.3 things you just can't live without? Coffee, Music, and a skateboard.Last words? KOBE!