In the mid 90's I use to spend my winters in San Francisco to escape the harsh weather of Philadelphia. I was basically trading snow for rain because the winter time is the rainy season for SF. Around this time I was good friends with Satva Leung and would stay with him. One day we went out skating with his new roommate and I said to Satva, you're roommate rips. A year later he shows up in the Mad Circle Video 5ive Flavors. Years later I would spend a lot more time with Rob when I became the team manager for Elwood Clothing and Aesthetics Skateboards. Now we are reunited at Bones Bearings and I'm hyped to see Rob Welsh still ripping. Word on the street is that he's been skating a lot of vert. Maybe he will have some vert tricks in the next Expedition Video. Enjoy this blast from the past from around the time I first met Rob Welsh.