Since today is Earth Day I decided to throw Kenny Anderson up on the blog since he is one of the most environmentally aware people I know! Kenny converts old diesel Mercedes Benz's to run on biodiesel. Kenny even has his own gas station at his house! He became good friends with all the owners of the restaurants in his neighborhood so he collects all their oil from their kitchens and uses it to fill the tank of his car. Kenny also rides a wheel from Satori that is made from recycled old skate wheels. Here's a little insight to Kenny's life! On the Keep A Breast website. Here's Kenny's video part from the Adio promo called Rock Adio. Although Adio is no longer around, this is one of my favorite video parts. This part came out around the time of the birth of Kenny's first child. The song goes perfect with the part for the guy I like to call the perfect man! He now has 3 children and is back on Converse which was the shoe sponsor he first had when I met over 10 years ago. When people ask who is your favorite skateboarder, I always answer Kenny Anderson without hesitation. Kenny skates how skateboarding should look. Smooth and effortless. He makes impossible tricks seem possible. And he also a true professional. He's down to kill it at a demo. Sign autographs all day and chill with the kids. And still go out at night and handle business in the streets! Happy Earth Day everybody and go do something good for the environment!