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I got Bones Swiss bearings yesterday and they are already better then my Mini Logos that I had 4 five months, I love them.

— timothy “theodore” cox

Me n my team have all been skating the Bones Super Swiss 6 they rock so hard!!!!! I was skeptical at first but for less than 100 dollars they rock!

— Christian “Miller”, SLV skate team

I use these bearings all the time and they rock my board.

— Alex “Slaughterhouse”, HSC

I love REDS.

— brian “moose” johnson

I just got my first Bones Bearings, the Super REDS and they are amazing and roll great.

— Jacob “The Jerk” Kollar

I always remember the day i purchased my first legit set of bearings. My dad kept asking, "Are you really going to pay for those?" I said "Hek yeah, they're the best." That day I purchased my first set of Bones Swiss Labyrinth bearings. They are so fast, so clean, and easy to take care of. All my other bearings have either slowed down or been broken because of water damages, dirt getting in them, or impacts from skating, (I tend to do alot of gap stuff) and I was tired of it. I think I've had my bearings through.... (same pair)...at least 5 or 6 decks, and for about 2-3 years now! I can say for sure, (and I always do) that, Bones Swiss are the best bearings you can buy!

— Ethan “Spazzy” Martinez-DeTar

I've been skating for about 3 years now and when I got my first set up, my REDS lasted me about 2 years. They are the best.

— Justin

I have had theBones REDS for 4 years and they are still rolling great!!! U guys make the best bearings EVER!!

— cory “sik boy” dahl

Best f*^$ing bearings.

— nathan penn

OG sh%*, hot!!!!!!!!

— travis “t-nut” reid, seveteen skate shop

The first thing I did when I took them out of the package was spin them to see how long they would spin straight out of the package and I was amazed at how long they spun. They spun just as long if no longer than my friends bearings that have been fully broken in. Great job guys!

— Jack “Jack” Wilson

I purchased Bones REDS last year, they were working great, until yesterday, when started to rain... I'm buying another set tomorrow! those bearings are great!

— Heitor “Tio Ba” Ikeda

The first time I got into skating, I didn't know about bearings. The guy in the skate shop was the best because he gave me Bones REDS bearings with the wheel.

— Chris

Bones REDS, so cheap, so good, been riding them for like 8 months now, best bearings ever had. Recomended and skated by everyone in the know and they're only like 16 quid. Epic. Cheers :D

— Edward “Ed”

I love Bones Bearings. I don't use anything else. If you clean them right and take care of them I will make a bet they well last for 5 years. Again it's all I use and all I will ever use. Bones Swiss Ceramic... best bearings in the world!

— Elias Shackleford

I only ride Bones Bearings, I have Super Swiss 6 Bones and I can out-roll my whole crew. Bones Bearings rock!!!!!

— Spencer

Hi. My name is Jesse. I'm 13 and I've been skating for 6 years and the best bearings I've ever had were Bones Bearings.

— jesse “shreder” boudreau

When I first got these bearings, I noticed that they were really quiet compared to my old ones, and they make u go very very fast for a long time, I really like the quality they put into it.

— Bryan

Hey guys im not big on money and I've been bumming wheels n bearings from friends since I've started skating but I found 20 bucks and bought some REDS and I have to say they rock!!! THANX GUYS!!

— josiah “joe” kawamura

I just bought Super REDS and they are the best! My old ABEC 7s are considered slow and old I recommend them for amateurs and even pros!

— marty “mdog”

Items 381-400 of 985

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