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The only time I've ever not skated REDS was when a friend gave me some Oust bearings. They were slow and broke after two weeks. Now I know only to skate the best, Bones Bearings.

— Austin

My friend had gotten these for Christmas and thought they had broke so he gave them to me, that was two years ago, they haven't been cleaned in a year, had the sheilds off for a month, it's winter now, and they are still rolling smooth since day 1. I think Bones Bearings knows what they're doing. Go buy some right now!!!

— cody “waffle” hayes

I just built the ultimate skateboards sort of. I have Tensors Rictas PlanB prolite Mob and Bones Swiss 6 and they're so fast my friend tried to push off and twisted his ankle.

— nathaniel “zane”

I don't skateboard but I speed skate and being exposed to long periods of spinning causing lotsss of friction they still hold up. just put some super swiss 6's upgraded form the standard reds and for 18$ a pack a year later they started to grind because i stopped taking care of them and they still moveeeee. A good cleaning and lube and they would prob be like new again.

— Derrick Hoffman

Straight up the fastest/strongest bearings I've ever ridden - and I've had them all. I'll never go back. BONES SWISS everytime.

— kurt “industry”

The best bearings in the world... Bones Bearings. These bearings are so much faster.

— steven

I've had a set of REDS and they spin fast and work great.

— jeffery wolfe

I always use REDS bearings. I've been skateboarding for 4 years and I'm 15 now and I really want to support Bones Bearings since they are so awesome! Also I love the speed they give you there amazing!!!!!! I go full speed and my friends always ask how much do they cost even though it's really cheap!

— idan dayam

Just bought a set of Bones REDS and I love them they are cheap, ride smooth and go fast what more could you what from a set of bearings!!

— Tim

Bones are the best bearings I've had! I've tried Spitfires they lasted about a month but I've had the same Bones REDS for about three months now without cleaning them and there still rollin fine!

— thrasher

I tried Bones Swiss 6 and compared to INDY because they claimed to be faster and guess what. Bones was faster. INDY didn't even roll longer than 10 after a month.


I have had my Bones Swiss bearings for 4 years now, and they are still fast and strong as all holy hell!! These things are the best, no doubt.

— Nick Ronzani

I got some REDS on my Zoo york for Christmas. I went from on end of the block to another .I have tried Spit Fires and Lucky 7's, REDS are are my favorite now.

— Cameron “Nope1” WAashington, War Agasint Time Skate Crew

I ride Bones REDS and there freakin awesome.

— Marques “Markman” Floyd

I've never skated without Bones Bearings, long board or skateboard. Ive had my Swiss 608s for over 2 years now and Ive had no problems. Best bearings period.

— Kevin Suddarth

I got me a set of Bones Super REDS for a board I am building. I have been busy so the board is still not made but those bearing are in a set of 3DM wheels on Bennett trucks. The other day I spun them to see how long they would spin and they just kept going and going. 8 minutes later they finaly stoped rolling. $20 bearings, out of the box and right into those wheels. This was no trick dry bearing test. These were brand new and untouched, I only spun them a few times with my hand. They spun for over 8 minutes with NO sound at all. I can send you a video from my iPhone. I got some Abec 9 bearings free with some cheap eBay longboard wheels and the longer these will spin is 10 seconds. I am staring a small custom skateboard company and every one of my boards with be sent out with Bones Bearings, Bennett trucks and wheels of your choice (no exceptions!!) thank you Bones!

— Juan “Juan Rasner” Rasner

REDS are the fastest bearings I have ever ridden. I recommend them to anyone with thrashed bearings and they are ridiculously easy to clean!!!!

— Joe “Mongo” Duff

I have been riding Bones REDS for about 2 years now and they are great. I want to try a set of the classic Swiss bearings.

— Andre Davis

Hey I just bought some Bones REDS today.. and they are amazing! way better than the other abec 7's that I had.

— Ryan “Smitty” Smith

I love your bearings, they'e the fastest and most durable bearing I've ever skated... thanx maker of Bones Bearings.

— Veronica “Ronnie” Pollard, The Skate Depot

Items 361-380 of 985

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