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I still have 2 set of original Bones Swiss bearings in my original oldschool skateboards from 1989-91, and even to this day the roll faster than abec9´s in new boards. Better still, d´the roll fast even after sitting still for a year or more - during studying - they still rolled silently and effertlessly when picked up again.
Still skating at 40+ yrs of age - and still skating my 2 sets of original Swiss bearing.
Kudos - to Bones and the Swiss bearings
Oh - and greetings from Denmark - home of Rune Gliffberg, and now an awesome pool-concrete-skatepark dream come true - rolls like crazy..on the originals :)

— Johannes “Goofie” Knigge

i just for 7 months of bones redz bearing since December 2012 until June 2013 . Some of the redz bearings are not working properly .. I took of the red shield off ...
Now I bought new set of bones swiss bearings at zummiez in canada at mall in burnaby ,bc metrotown mall at june 9 th ,2013. i love the bones swiss bearings. it worth of the money !!

— Precious “crezas” bautista

I've had a set of super Swiss 6 balls for almost a year and a half. After all that time they are incredibly fast still, dry and loud though due to the popped shields. They've gone through sand numerous times and the occasional accidental puddle, and been fine a minute later. Riding these with no grease and shields is the way to go, I don't miss buying bearings.

— Micah

I still have bones swiss I bought over 5 yrs ago! I'm sponsored by a local skate shop & they gave me rush bearings... they suck! I'd rather ride my 5 yr old bones than my brand new rush!

— riche “Riche182” Garza, QuipSkates

I have been riding Bones bearings for years and they have never once failed me. The kind of quality, reliability, and honesty this company puts out is what sets the bar for this generation of skateboarding. Long live Bones and shred on.

— Greg “Kyle” Surr

I ride Reds, my wife rides Reds, my stepson rides Reds...I sell Reds more than any other bearings at my Vertigo Skateshops, point made.

— Jake “The Jackal” Shafer

Hey bones! I've absolutely love my bones redz bearing I put in! I have been bombing hills with my abec 7s but your bearings have blown them out of the water in all areas like look, sound, speed, and durability I have loved them since my long boarding buddy got me them for my birthday. I was hoping that you would hand out stickers of your redz bearings for free to a loving and an ever using fan just to spice up my board abit and just show my love for redz on my board when people see me bombing hills in the future

— Mike “Mikey” Loewen

I have been using Bones Bearings for years and I love them! I was actually wondering if there was a way to get some stickers so that I can show my support?

Thank you!
Rian Mathieu

— rian mathieu

i just wanted to say i love your bearings in my setup I've had other bearings in the past and nothing compares to bones! they're the smoothest fastest bearing I've had in my Loaded Tan Tien and i wouldn't want any other product in my setup

— Brady “Studmuffin” Kowitz

Recently I have started racing in the very small longboarding circuit in Florida, and I am honestly not the best. But now that I have these new Bones Ceramics I just can't stop. The ride is unbelievable. So smooth I forgot I was on a normal road. Purely amazing. Worth the money, but even that wasn't all to bad.

— Chase “Mr. Ghost” Suero

I've got a vintage Logan Earthski, and original Sector Nine pintail, and a Sector Nine carving series-- they've all got Swiss Six in them. They're the best bearings for a 40 year old deck, and they're the best bearings for the newest designs too. I love 'em.

— Ryan Caldarone

I just bought Swiss bearings, it is the best stuff ever!

— Jens, TheSkaterNews

i have a pair of ceramics and i just whip around!!!!

— oliver “stonebag”

Bones bearings are the sh*t. There really isn't much else to say.

— Andrew “Mandrew ” Bookhoop

I have owned a set of original gold shield Bones Swiss for the last 15 years. They ride great to this day!! They survived 4 years of me throwing myself of drops and hard skating and a little over 10 years of skating whenever i can w/o life getting in the way. I recommend them to anyone that asks because they are that good!! Thanks for making such long lasting bearings

— Chris “Metal” Clark

First off I want to say thanks for making the best bearings available. I've used Bones on all three of my longboards and no matter if I ride downhill or freeride these bearings are my top choice. They've got great quality for a great price. I was also wondering if there's anything I could do to help spread the company name because no one here in the South really longboards and I just want to help people in choosing the right hardware if they do decide to start riding. Anyways thanks again for the great products and stay rad.

Hunter Allen

— Hunter Allen

Best bearings ever. I'll never ride anything else.

— Gage “ilovebones” Taylor, sbkta

I've been riding Bnes for years now and wouldn't ever go back to others.

— Jesse Boswell

yo i would like to say that i use reds all the time and they work great thanks guys ^.^

— dom “lt.joker” lillie

I love the bearings, the prices, the cleanability, and the accessibility. They last and they're the only bearings I will ever use and buy. Perfect for how I ride and when I ride. No complaints. They do everything they need and more.

— Isaac “Boo” Martinez

Items 61-80 of 977

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