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Honestly Bones bearings are simply the best,that's it that's all.
iv tried all the different bearings bones have to offer!
The super reds are the best for the price.
but i am way stoked on the swiss,so fast! so smooth!
great for all around skating, tranny or street its perfect!
i also have some ceramics in my cruiser and all i can say is,WTF! so fast!
GET SOME! Dont waist you're time on any other brand.

— shawn “BK”, skull Central

Tnx for durable bearings! Just switched to Swiss l2.
Skated reds, older swiss bearings... love it!

— Bas

bones are the best bearings you could ever get smooth ride nice sound and a nice set all together don't think by the bones

— Randall “Greeny” Brown, @skate_crew_910

I started skating in 1999 at the age of 9 and decided to buy my first set of Bones Swiss on my first trip to the US in 2003.
It's now 2015, I'm 25 years old and I'm still riding on those very bearings that I bought over 12 years ago and they perform just as well!
Bones Bearings will always be number 1 in my books!

— Greig Mitchell

I started skateboarding back in 94. My first set of Bones were Reds for $15. Greatest bearing for the money. After years of skating those (which I still have) I upgraded to Bones Swiss (we called them "Blacks") and rolled them hard. I'd guess at least through three sets of wheels. The year was 2003 and I heard of these Bones Super Swiss Six. I bought them and set them in a set of Bones 58mm Sword and Skull wheels. Dude... It's 2015 ad I still have both the Swiss Sixes and the wheels. I'm a bit older now so I rip a cruiser down a couple blocks to the beach and I still use the Super Sixes. I took the shield off, cleaned all the dirt out of them and used the Speed Cream to lube them up, and those dang bearings still roll just as fast and as hard as when I took them out the box over a decade ago. Some serious bearings man. No joke. The saying goes, "Skate or Die". Thanks to Bones, I can skate until I die (with the same set of bearings).

— Jordan S

I just found my first set of bones reds I bought 15 years ago cleaned um and they work almost perfect. They were skated so hard and put threw so much dirt they didn't even turn till today.now I flying down the street. Thanks bones FAM!

— jared “Jack” giddens, b-town rippers

I LOVE THESE BEARINGS!!! I got some Bones Super Reds online pretty recently, and I already love them. They keep my board going fast over sidewalk cracks and rough, cracked asphalt. They are sooooooooo much smoother than my standard Penny ABEC 7 bearings. I Love these bearings so much, and if you want a cheaper, but not quite as good, just get normal Reds. If you are in need of bearings, Reds are the bearings to get.

— Peter “Hoodie McSwagg”

Hey, my names Aaliyah and I love red bearings. I just got my first board and I picked red bearing cause I've been hearing such great things about them. I would love some stickers to decorate my board with.

— Aaliyah

I started to skate a few months ago and I didn't have any money at all so I had to use a old pair of penny board bearings. I recently went to buy a pair of Reds and right away I was blown away by the quality. My wheels felt so smoother than before and the speed was amazing compared to what I had before. I highly recommend a pair of Bones bearings to anyone who is in need of new ones.

Hi Alfredo, thanks for sharing. Keep skating.

— Alonzo Vasquez

Amateur longboarder here. I just wanted to say thank you for making such excellent products. I have personally owned and loved Bones Reds, and the Super Swiss 6's that I skate now are beautiful. They have taken my carving and downhill to a deliciously crisp new level, and your speed cream is by far the best bearing lubricant that I've found. I really appreciate the work that you do, and if you would be willing to ship me some stickers, I would love to represent your products on my gear.
Thank you, and have an excellent day!

— Zachary Sieburt

Been riding the bones super swiss for over two years and they still roll perfect! Best damn bearings money can buy.

— Christian hawk

I've been skating for over 40 years and all I can say is you just can't beat Bones Reds for the price! It's hard to believe that you can get a bearing this good for so little money. Thank you Bones Bearings!

— Mark

Recently got some Swiss ceramics and was absolutely stunned by the speeds I was getting on them. They last a long time too

— Ben Cupiol

I had just purchased REDS for my new longboard and had forgotten that I had Swiss' in my old skateboard. After I did a spin test on the bearings, the Swiss' (that haven't been cleaned in probably five years and have been riden rough as crap) still spun longer than the brand new Reds I had just purchased. I've cleaned them and have just purchased some speed cream and hope to get the Swiss' spinning like the day I got them again. Thankyou Bones for making quality bearings that last for what seems like forever.

— Dalan

Dear Bones,
My fiance and I recently moved back into my parents house for a month until we move to Vancouver.
We have been dealing with a squeaky back door that was really cramping on our sneaky style.
Thanks to the Bones Speed Cream we lubed up those hinges, and now that hinge doesn't make a peep when we sneak out to take our late night bong rips.
Thanks for helping out a skate couple in a jam!

— Bruce

Always been a Bones Bearings fan for the past 10 years, decided to buy the Bones Swiss Competition bearings and i will never ride anything else again..

— James Nowaczyk

Hey guys I was just emailing to say how much of an awesome company I think you are. I just think all the stuff you guys produce is great. Awesome work guys.
Zach dyer

— Zac “Zac” Dyer

I tried out the bones Swiss's and they went so fast i wasn't ready for the speed. It was phenomenal!

— Alex “A-rod” Railerson, none

Last time I had a brand new set of Swiss I wasn't ready for the speed and broke my two front teeth within the first few minutes of riding. I just put a new set of Swiss on my board and am going to skate them later today. Fingers Crossed to being ready for the speed!

— Micaiah “Meeks Ill fo Real” Furukawa

____ spends a lot of energy hating you guys over on Facebook.
It drives me bonkers.
The irony being that ____ are garbage.
I have Bones Swiss Ceramics in 2 of my set-ups.
Bones Swiss in the other 3.
I maintain them as needed.
They're great.
So I finally reach my breaking point and weigh in on a ___ post.
Within 24 hours my comment is deleted... but I'm kept as a 'like'.
I've since, 'unliked' them.
From now on I'll be putting more effort into dissuading people from any sort of ____ product purchase.
Keep up the good work.

Bones Bearings

Mark, thanks for your support.

— Mark

Items 101-120 of 1068

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